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30% OFF all displayed prices until 29 November

30% OFF all displayed prices until 29 November


Here at Nutraviva, we value your loyalty and have introduced a Rewards Program where you can earn and redeem points when shopping with us.


Sign up: 200 points
Write a Review:  250 points
Facebook share: 100 points
Refer a friend: $10 for you + $10 for your friend



To sign up / login / redeem points

1. Look for, and click on the rewards icon which is located at the bottom of your browser window, it looks like this.




2. When the panel opens, click on the Join now button or 
Sign in if you already have an account.

If you have previously purchased from us, you should already have an account.

Rewards Panel



3. If Joining now, complete the create account form.




4. From inside your account, click on the rewards icon again.



5. Now click on your rewards to redeem, if you have points.
Click on other options for more information.

Redeem rewards



6. To write a review, sign in and go to the reviews page.
After leaving a review the points will be added to your rewards total.


If you have any issues contact us at



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