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5 Creative & Delicious Ways to use Gelatin Powder


Gelatin powder is a versatile and protein rich food ingredient that can be used in cooking to add thickness, texture, and binding properties to recipes.

Here are five ways to use Nutraviva Beef Gelatin powder:



Desserts and Puddings


Beef Gelatin is commonly used to set and thicken desserts like jellies, mousses, and puddings. You can create fruit-flavoured gelatin desserts, creamy panna cotta, or even layered desserts by incorporating gelatin into your recipes.



Homemade Gummies


Make your own gummy candies by mixing beef gelatin powder with your desired fruit juice, natural sweeteners (eg. honey, stevia) and flavours. Pour the mixture into molds or containers and refrigerate until set. This is a fun and customisable way to enjoy gummy treats without artificial additives and to reduce sugar content, perfect for lunchbox treats or as an afternoon snack to reduce sugary cravings.



Broths and Stocks


Just as bone broth contains natural gelatin from the bones, you can use gelatin powder to enhance the texture of homemade broths and stocks. This can give your soups and sauces a richer mouthfeel and a thicker consistency.



Mousse and Whipped Cream Stabiliser


When making mousses or whipped cream, adding a small amount of dissolved gelatin can help stabilise the mixture which can prevent it from collapsing or separating. This is particularly useful for desserts that need to hold their shape for long periods.



Jams and Preserves


Gelatin can be used to thicken homemade jams and preserves, giving them a smoother consistency. It's especially helpful when working with fruits that have lower natural pectin content, ensuring that your jams set properly.



Bonus innovative way to use gelatin powder - Egg Replacement in Baking


For people who avoid eggs in their diet, gelatin powder may be used as an egg replacement in certain baking recipes. Dissolve gelatin in lukewarm water, allow it to bloom and then use it in place of eggs to help bind and provide structure to baked goods.


Keep in mind that the specific usage of gelatin will depend on the recipe and your dietary preferences. When using gelatin, it's important to follow the instructions on the packaging to achieve the desired consistency and results. You may also see different wordings such a Gelatine powder and Gelaton powder in recipes.


Try these great ways to use gelatin powder for yourself. Stuck for ideas? Check out our recipes page for more ideas on how to use our products.

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