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What our customers are saying about our products

Based on 452 reviews

Great product real gelatin


About to buy a 3rd it so much. Wouldn't change a thing about it.


I start my day with a generous serve of this quality collagen. Keeps me full all morning and provides so many essential nutrients my body needs.

My bone broth powder of choice

Nutraviva 'Original Beef Bone Broth' powder has the best consistency and taste of all the avail bone broth powders I've tried. I love adding some Reishi, Lions Mane or other medicinal mushroom extract for a healthy boost throughout the day.. I highly recommend this product !!

Always a Top product and Service

I've been using Nutraviva products for over 2 years now and without a doubt have helped with gut issues and any problems with hair, skin and nails. So happy to recommend highly.
I deal with the company direct and always been given nothing but the best of service and delivery.

My body says thanks

This collagen was recommended to me several years ago by my nutritionist and I have used it since with no regrets. I originally got it for joint and muscle health, but I also have a skin condition that destroys collagen and found it is a great help in repairing the damage. I am 69 and get compliments on the state of my skin.

I love this product, it's my morning drink mixed with Cacao.
Have notice the difference with my hair nails and especially my arthritis in my hands.
Fast and reliable service.
Thank you

Great service

Excellent product and great online experience.

Great product

I have been using this collagen primarily for bone health for almost a year now but the benefits I can see in my hair and nails are truely remarkable. In the cold dry Canberra winters my nail and hair health usually takes a dive - not this year! Easy, palatable and effective. Recommended

First time user Collagen Hydrolysate

Fast delivery. Just completed first order, I have noticed I have much more energy and feeling great. Will continue to use.

Happy customer

Great product, quick delivery, kept informed leading up to deliver. Thank you!

Most delicious

This would have to be the most delicious greens drink ever. There is nothing i would change about it...flavour is bang on perfect! Wish it was part of a bundle

Halal Collagen Hydrolysate 800g

A dose a day keeps my doctor happy

My last lot of blood tests were great, awesome products keeping me and my dog healthy. Easy to use daily.

Love the collegen, it really works, I have 10 perfect nails, never ever had that, my skin have improved as well.

Great product, good for stomach health and skin

Elaine Hall

Excellent product

Advanced Mobility Formula

I waa sceptical about this product, but I really do think it has helped my 16 year old, arthritic cat. She is more agile and not as hunched when she walks.

Fantastic product, will purchase again.

Best collagen powder on the market

Great collagen product, doesn't have a strong bovine smell at a good price.

Great product easy to take

Easy to blend in with smoothies - no taste and i definitely feel like its working as skin is glowing. Highly recommend.

Collagen review

Very good product


Just received my latest order, noticing more changes with my energy levels.

Love it

Finally a halal collagen !! Tastes delicious too


I purchased the essentials pack and collagen, and have noticed a significant improvement in my joint and muscle pain, and I’m starting to sleep better. I’ve also noticed I’m not as bloated and my stomach feels so much better.