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Loving the results of my Nutraviva collagen

Bone broth

Nice mild taste

Marine collagen

I believe that this product is the best on the market, been using it for over a year now, I have tried others, nothing comes close.

Bone broth


Bone broth

They taste amazing my fav is the beef and veg


Love this product, good price and my skin looks better already.
Thank you


Great product. No taste. Easy to add to any beverage.

Beef Bone Broth

A truly tasty, very nourishing and a fabulous product

Excellent product, excellent service!

I have found this product excellent for both my husband and I. Both of us now have stronger nails. In particular, I have a thumb nail that was always split in the middle due tp having my thumb jammed in a car door many many years ago. Using this product has made it stronger and no longer split.

Love the Beef Gel

I love the Nutraviva Beer Gelatin. Great as a drink and also perfect to add to my home made rissoles to keep them together


I’ve been using this product for awhile now, and it’s incredible. It’s strengthen my nails and my hair is thicker. Overall this is the best Collagen Hydrolysate I’ve ever used. It mixes great in water, juice or smoothie...totally recommend it, plus fast delivery.

Excellent quality and service

Delicious, and reduced finger joint pain in just a few days. It doesn’t mix extremely well as it’s a bit sticky but that’s not really too much of an issue for me.

Daily dose

I’ve been having both these products for approximately 5 years now. Both have helped with my leaky gut issue as well had kept my skin in particular wrinkle free considering my age of 72. I adore these products & gave them daily. I value them greatly


I am so glad that I have finally found a halal collagen that works, I have purchased this product twice now and will continue to purchase, I have felt the difference it has done for me. Thank you.

Excellent coffee supplement!

This is an excellent food supplement. The powder is crazy fine and mixes in my morning coffee without any issues. Highly recommended! If you’re not having this, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to maintaining health!


Use this every day in my smoothie - easy source of protein and can’t taste it!


Good flavour and just a cup of goodness

great product

I've purchased this Collagen a number of times now. I find that while I take it my nails and hair are stronger. It doesn't have any taste and mixes into my drinks easily.

Bone broth

I love the taste, I have this instead of tea at night.

Bone broth 250g

What a great product. Its portable. Easy to take to work and away in caravan. Great taste. Great find

We like very much marine collagen which is good for my wife’s health.

Best quality Collagen

I've been buying this collagen for almost a year now, and am very happy with this product. The collagen is tasteless, blends well in Coffee and makes a huge difference to our overall health. This product is value for money, you won't find anything like it for this price on the market. I have tried other brands, and was disappointed. So glad to have found NutraViva, we use collagen in our bullet proof coffee every day.

Favorite product

Couldn’t be happier, regularly buy this product

Marine collagen good product

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