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Wheato’s Review

Working well for my skin…👍🏻✅

Great product

Received a quick response to my enquiry, and photos provided were really helpful, enabling me to select the product with a quick delivery. Powder dissolves well in my morning yogurt. No flavour as advertised. It has improved my hair and skin.

Collagen Hydrolysate

I purchased a few packs of Collagen Hydroysate from Nutraviva about 5 weeks ago & have been having a couple of teaspoons a day in my coffee [ I can’t taste it ]
I am starting to notice my skin is looking better & I’m not the only one my sister grabbed a bag & agrees with me. I also put in my dogs dinner when I cook it up, for his joints .I love it’s all Australian made & grass-fed, will keep on purchasing it as will my friends I’ve told . You receive a great deal the more packs you buy so tell your friends & buy a few at once.

Great Products

I am very happy with the Nutraviva Gelatin and Collagen purchased recently. If the labels are correct (and I have no way to check this but don’t doubt them) then they are healthy, the flavour seems to be fine (certainly no bad tastes!) and the process of ordering them was easy, the goods came quickly. I am very happy with my purchase.

Collagen is making a difference

I am loving the improvement collagen is having on my body.

I’ve been using. The collagen powder for 10 weeks now love it my hair has improved. I actually went to Skin Specialist for my yearly checkup and she noticed my face has improved my skin tone. My joints are not stiff. Highly recommended. I will stay on this powder it is tasteless love having it in my coffee.

Brilliant product! I could notice a difference in 2 weeks!

Great source of natural vitamins

My son has been using these for 3 months now. He has IBD in which his intestines don't absorb much nutrients from food. These vitamins have been great for him and he has so much more energy and feels great

Great product - Seems to work

Tastes fine. My husband eats it dry. Even my dog likes this product.

Seems to work.

Joint and bone formula

5☆ super fast delivery, great product


Awesome product put it in my coffees every morning.

It’s a winner!

I have been adding this Collagen to my lemon water every morning for the last month. Have I had POSITIVE results - ABSOLUTELY. Stronger nails, not joking - more glowing skin, less muscle/joint aches.
I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve skin appearance and feel and strengthen bones & joint health. LOVE.

Great product and easy to order

I have had many comments on the appearance of my skin since using the collagen powder.

Best collagen on the market!

This many 5 star reviews says it all! This collagen is outstanding. I’ve tried several and this mixes well, tastes nice and even better it is actually grass fed and grass finished, making it truly healthy. Thank you for such an outstanding product.

Great mixer!

This is perfect for mixing drinks or preparing gelatin, as it’s intended. It even has a heat function! It is not a blender, there are no blades or “chopping” action. There are two options of a small mechanism at the bottom that agitates the liquid in to moving. Very clever, functional and neat.

Great product and experience

I've been incorporating Collagen Hydrolysate into my daily routine for the past few years, primarily to support my recovery from a joint injury. It took approximately 12 months for me to start noticing significant improvements in my mobility, but now my ankle and knee issues have practically vanished. This has allowed me to lead a more active lifestyle, and as a result, I've shed quite a bit of weight. The reduced pressure on my legs has created a positive feedback loop, further enhancing my overall well-being.

Last year, I had the opportunity to ski for the first time in many years, a feat I wouldn't have thought possible before. Thanks to the collagen, I no longer rely on inflammatory tablets, and I feel noticeably happier and healthier.

In summary, collagen has played a significant role in improving my quality of life.

Initially, I purchased collagen from a local health food store and was satisfied with the cost. However, I recently switched to Nutraviva's larger bags of Collagen, which not only come at a more affordable price but also dissolve much more easily without forming lumps. With each bag containing 800g, they last for an extended period. After a couple of months of usage, I'm still on the first bag, and there are no signs of clumping or degradation.

I've even recommended Nutraviva Collagen to several friends who have inquired about my weight loss journey. It's hard for them to believe that such a simple addition to my daily routine (a couple of spoonfuls a day) could yield such remarkable results. Perhaps I'll keep it as my little secret the next time someone asks.

Health improvements

The Collagen Hydrolysate we have been using has made a difference with my health. It has settled my digestion, my body aches and my complexion. It has definitely improved my overall well-being. I'm so happy to have been advised to give this a try this product. I've mentioned the benefits to family and one person has already ordered to hopefully get the improvements as I have. We've reordered to keep our supplies going. Thanks

Collagen Hydrolysate 800g

Collagen hydrolysate

5 stars - love this powder

Great taste, easily dissolves

Dissolves as well as can be expected for gelatin and works well in deserts. No major taste issues.

I like that they are caps,but I think they are a bit pricy.

Beautiful bone broth

The bone broth powder was excellent quality and very tasty

Collagen Hydrolysate

Easily digestible, adding to smoothies and I am now a repeat customer and love this collagen. Taking it for gut health, hair and skin and to assist in some injury healing with cartilage damage and can see and feel the benefits.

Black Label Australian Beef Gelatin 1kg


What our customers are saying about our products