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What our customers are saying about our products

Based on 341 reviews

Tastes great and I’ve really noticed a difference in how I feel and look since I started taking it.

Pet Health Formular

Started my 11yr on this and after the first week noticed an improvement. He is now much happier all round, movement and mood.


Love collagen, helps my joints and recovery so well!

Good Product

Very good for my sore knees


I'm glad to finally be able to find Beef Collagen that is suitable to my dietary requirement. Love the product, easily mixes with any beverages. Would recommend to any Muslim who are looking at supplementing collagen into their daily diet.

Great product

I've been using nutrviva simply beautiful for 3 months now and so far good results, skin feels good and hydrated, my hair is so much more healthier and getting alot of regrowth. No horrible taste. Live this product

Taste great

Taste great nutraviva bone broth love how it dissolves so easily taste great alone Or add to soups

Very happy

My product arrived very quickly.. thankyou. I mix my collagen in my shake every morning and it mixes very well and has no taste as described. The information about nutritional value is large enough for me to read and not hidden by the smallest print..thanks again for that too. I'm always interested in reading your emails regarding your products for purchase. Tracie

Great anytime 'pick me up'

Great flavour with lots of health benefits! I keep a sachet at work for morning / afternoon tea. Also a good staple for travelling - just add boiling water and you have a nourishing, healthy drink on the go. Sometimes I add beef gelatin when I make it at home. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the beef and veg flavour (ordered by accident). I loved the taste as much as the original beef variety.

Fabulous product in a convenient size and container

I love the great taste and quality of this bone broth. The new packaging makes dispensing so easy! I have it next to the stove while cooking and add spoonfuls to sauces and casseroles. It makes all my savoury dishes taste so much better and I know they are healthier as well. The new size is more economical which is a very welcome bonus.

I had this product for a while,i think pretty good highly recommend this brand

Have This instead of That

In the afternoons when others are having a beer or wine, as I don’t drink either, I make a bone broth drink, very satisfying to fill me up before our evening meal

Another great pet health product

I use this as it is formulated especially for pets needs. My ageing dog has recovered from surgeries and bounced back because of Nutraviva products. I mix this one with bone broth and he loves it. The advanced joint formula goes in his meal. Everyone who knows what he has been through is amazed at how well he has recovered, how happy he is and how he does not look or act like he’s a month off 10 years old. These products have made a huge difference. The pet pro formula also means I don’t have to share my Collagen anymore either.

Best Collagen

Very happy with this Collagen powder. It dissolves completely and very quickly in hot drinks, and has no noticeable flavour or aftertaste. I can see and feel positive results when I regularly add it to my diet.

Convenient and Tasty

good size and value compared to 100g packets. A scoop for the serving size would be a great addition. Helps with gut health for sure.

Tasty and nutritious!

Tastes great and is a high quality alternative to making your own.

Awesome product!

Now that I’m in my 50’s I need a product that will assist with my overall health and Nutraviva Collagen Hydrosylate does just that! My hair is thick and shiny, my skin looks great and the additional protein will assist with bone and joint health. It mixes easily into hot or cold drinks and it’s tasteless which is great! It’s great value for money and always arrives promptly after ordering.

Great quality

Great product, great quality. Will keep this a staple in my diet

Multi purpose broth

I always like having this broth powder on hand, my coeliacs husband uses it especially pre and post colonoscopies, I add it to cooking, my dog has it added to his collagen as a drink for health and recovery. Your product has taste, unlike a few others I tried earlier. Making my own was also too time consuming and wasteful.

I am loving the product. Have recommended to my sister and my friends

Yummy desserts

This product has been a game changer for making healthy desserts and bullet proof coffee

Collagen Hydrolysate Great

I mix one scoop in my coffee every morning , it does change the taste of my coffee. I have this product quite sometimes now it goods for skin and joint.

Excellent product - the best out there!

Used this product for a while now... Nothing else compares to the quality of this collagen. Great results.

Grass fed gelatine Excellent

Nice clean product, no nasties, dissolves well in my tea or coffee and no taste unless you overdo it (2 heaped teaspoons I use at a time) and has strengthened my fingernails noticeably.

Easy addition to you skin care regime

I'm a lazy when it comes to looking after my skin. So I love that fact that i can take collagen with my normal supplements in the am and see great skin results - firmer, less wrinkles.