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What our customers are saying about our products

Based on 400 reviews
Beef gelatine

Been going through this like there’s no tomorrow.
Have been making fruit gummies & marshmallows

Collagen Hydrolysate

So far I have been taking this product for just over 2 months and can say without question my hair grows quicker as well as my nails and my skin is much softer and seems to be more moisturised and as I work in the sun most of the day it really helps. I will definitely buy this product again👍👍

Happy customer

I have found the products very good I suffer arthritis and found a huge difference since taking marine collagen & there bone collagen very good quality

Natraviva Collogen Hydrolysate

My husband and I have both been enjoying the Collogen Hydrolysate each morning. I have been mixing it with orange juice. This is the only time that my husband will have any type of fruit, so, I think it is a win win. There is no taste. Not sure if I have noticed any difference. We are both in our late sixties/early seventies, so, not sure what it will do for us. I will be re-ordering. Thank you. Robyn

Joint and bone formula

Super easy to mix and drink!

Collagen Hydrolysate 450g

This has been the best gelatin I have purchased over and over again

The best in the market by far


Easy to order and track delivery. A great product I’ll certainly repeat order.

Good Product

Good Product Good Taste Good Quality

Collagen + Vitamin C

The product is fantastic. I have used it for a while now trying different flavours/unflavoured etc., but this one is my favourite, nice slightly tangy taste, easy to use and I can feel and notice the difference it makes to me and my appearance.

Halal collagen which I looking for

Very happy to get this product.., Halal collagen…which is I never find before…love it and will buy again and again…Thank you for this amazing Halal collagen…

So far so good

Really enjoying how easy this is to add to my morning smoothie. I have bad knees and have noticed a difference in using this. I also love that i can just drink it instead of adding more pills to my routine

Pet Advanced Mobility Formula

Was looking for something for my 14 year old Husky who suffers with arthritis, in his lower back and hips. After a week of being on this formula, he has gotten more mobile and even tries to break out into run now. Even has alot more pull now when he has his walk. A much happier boy now. This stuff is great!!

Enjoying the Lemon flavour

I’ve been taking this for 16 days now & find it a enjoyable afternoon drink. My arthritis in my knees is why I’m taking it. They have improved slightly even only after this amount of time. I have watermelon & peach iced tea to try yet. Can’t wait.

Awesome stuff

I'm only in my first order so probably to early to tell yet. I'm very hopeful that this will help long term with mobility and comfort.


Great products, arrived quickly

Joint Recovery

I have been using Joint & Bone Formula for 6 weeks now & really feeling the benefits. It is also very easy to digest mixed with Yogurt or in a smoothie compared to other formulas I have tried

Great product

This has been such a great product and works so much better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Best ever

Best customer service

By mistake auspost sent my parcel to the wrong address but the company responded very fast and resend it to me. Thank you@ Liz, feel warm to receive you msg card.😊

Joint & Bone Formula

I am loving this product I had great results within two weeks of taking it ordering was vert easy and delivery was very quick great product

Mid afternoon revitalised

I find the best time for me to have SBF is mid arvo, especially when working from home. Helps to reduce afternoon lethargy and cravings. Cheers, BL

Tasty afternoon warmer

Great to warm you up, or kerb afternoon snacking.

Vegan Collagen Alternative 450 grams

I find this Collagen product to be very good, has helped with brittle hair. Thank you.

Good product

Mixes and dissolves well, haven't noticed any great benefits as yet but helps get my protein intake up in an easy way


Love it ,really helps my nails