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What our customers are saying about our products

Based on 761 reviews
Great Product

This has really helped my skin and immune system and also suppresses hunger.

Black Label Australian Beef Gelatin

Rarely use a Panadol since starting the Beef Gelatine.

Bone Broth

My dogs love the bone broth. I dissolve it in their water when we are away at trials. It guarantees they have a good drink. At home I use it regularly for its health benefits

Nice supplement for dogs

love this product have used it for a couple of years .speedy delivery..
thank you

Marine Collagen

Very happy with this product. Mixes nicely into my coffee. Feel my skin has improved. Will definitely be reordering 👍🏼👍🏼

Creative and Effective and Appealing

Finding it helping me in a lot of ways..Skin and hair

Best Collagen

Easy to mix, easy to digest & tasteless. Great Product!

Quick shipping

Love this brand, mum said helped her with her joint pain. Definitely order from here!!! Love love love

Collegen & Vitamin C

Amazing product. I’ve use it post surgery, scars and minimal and my hair is stronger and has grown so quickly.
Definitely ordering again

High quality product, I would definitely recommend this

Will not stop!

Great product, very little taste. I’ve had it in tea, coffee, smoothies and cold drinks. Noticeable difference especially in my nails. It will continue to be a part of my daily routine.

Noticed a massive increase in energy when i started taking these. Cant stop talking about them. Highly recommend.

The best I’ve had so far. These guys only produce the best. Highly recommend

Amazing product. Love it and would order again.

Easy to make jelly

Good quality gelatinous consistency when making jelly or other treats. If using a high quantity keep in mind the beef flavour. Would buy again.

Would recommend and buy again

Easy to make and digest. It does have a slight flavour to it when mixed with water which I don’t mind. Good way to add protein to your diet along with benefits of collagen.

Caused severe weight gain. Not suggested

Hi Farahnaz, the product that you purchased is a pure protein with no carbs and no fat. Therefore there can be no justification in claiming that this product has led to weight gain. Our suggestion is to look at your intake on a whole and discuss with your GP. Taking a pure protein source, like Collagen Hydrolysate, would not contribute to gaining weight in the severe range that you are suggesting. Please feel free to reach out to us further to discuss your concern.



The best!

I've been using this collagen daily for years. It's the best product at the best price I have found anywhere in Australia. Highly recommend.

Great product

Exactly as described. Fast delivery. Will be ordering again

Great product

I can't get by without my collagen, it helps immensely with my aching legs.

Great collagen

High quality collagen worth every cent

Delicious & versatile

I love the taste of Nutraviva Beef Bone Broth. It is my go to drink first thing in the morning - no more coffee for me - & I feel much better for it. I also throw a spoon or two into stews, soups, even stir fries, to add a bit of flavour. The 250g tub is economical as well. Love this product.

Good powder

Mixes well in my other drinks and doesn’t alter flavor. Yet to see the benefits