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Our Premium Marine Collagen Powder

Collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce to maintain the structural integrity of our skin, joints, bones, and more. Sadly, as we age, our bodies’ collagen production slows down, and it can be a struggle to get enough collagen from the regular food we consume.

At Nutraviva, we want to make it easier than ever for Australians to get enough collagen and keep their bodies in great health. We stock the best quality Marine Collagen Powder, available for either personal or commercial wholesale use at health, beauty, and fitness retailers.

What makes our marine collagen powder the best?

Nutraviva stocks only the best marine collagen powder, sourced from wild-caught cod found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their skin contains exceptionally high-quality peptides to create the best possible marine collagen from, which results in a superior collagen powder product compared to a powder derived from fish that have been farmed, genetically modified, or caught in polluted waters.

Due to the lower molecular weight, our marine collagen products are ideal for stimulating collagen metabolism and increasing collagen synthesis, which makes this source of collagen perfect for those looking to improve their skin and beauty over time. This could include firmer, smoother-looking skin with fewer and shallower wrinkles, stronger nails and longer hair.

Our Marine Collagen Powder products are suitable to buy for people following a halal, paleo, ketogenic, or pescatarian diet, and are also naturally organic and GMO-free.

Want to get your hands on the best marine collagen powder money can buy?

Customers from all over Australia have been raving about our marine collagen powder products, so why not see the benefits for yourself?

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