Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful Formula 300g


Edible Beauty: Collagen Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nails

Simply Beautiful has been scientifically formulated to replenish the body's own collagen supply and assist with your beauty concerns and issues.


Collagen for Beauty

Collagen improves skin hydration, elasticity, and strength, smooths wrinkles, fine lines and supports the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks.  It makes hair grow thicker, shinier, and improves the condition and strength of nails.

Collagen peptides can also protect cells against sun damage and free radicals. Consuming hydrolysed collagen is one of the best anti-aging strategies that helps slow down or even reverse degenerative processes in the cell metabolism of the skin.


Simply Beautiful is more than collagen.

Simply Beautiful's edible beauty formula  works from the inside out; combining the best quality marine peptides taken from wild caught marine cod skin, with a range of highly effective vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and antioxidants. Numerous clinical trials show that all these ingredients not only benefit our beauty but also our health and wellbeing in many ways.

You can buy marine collagen and additionally take vitamins, minerals and other beauty boosting nutrients, however finding the optimum balance and proportions of these nutrients so that they work synergistically is not easy..

Understanding the interactions and relationships between the individual ingredients is essential in formulating a beauty product that works on a cellular level.

Nutrients for Beauty

We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential for health, but we often overlook the fact that they contribute to our beauty and radiance.

Vitamin A is essential for firm, strong, healthy skin. It helps with those awful acne outbreaks, sun damage, and slows aging. It stimulates skin cells and gives a healthy, glowing complexion. Beta carotene has been incorporated due to its powerful antioxidant role in fighting free radicals.

Vitamin C neutralises free radicals, supports your skin’s natural regeneration system, helps repair skin cells, reduces wrinkles, helps with uneven or dull skin tone, and protects against dark spots, hyperpigmentation and even changes that may lead to skin cancer. Vitamin C also accelerates production of collagen and elastin that are responsible for beautiful plump youthful skin.

Vitamin E protects our skin from damage caused by exposure to sun and pollution. It has a soothing effect on skin as it is anti-inflammatory. It is even more effective when working with vitamin C, another ingredient of our Simply Beautiful range.

Zinc will help you get strong, healthy nails, and shiny hair. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is crucial for many enzymes to function. Just like vitamin C and E, zinc protects your skin against skin damage. It is particularly important to acne sufferers as it boosts the immune system and prevents pores from clogging and getting infected.

Silica plays an essential role in the formation and synthesis of collagen within the cells. Silica is an important mineral which supports optimal connective tissue for healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints. Silica can be obtained from a well balanced and highly nutritious diet, however, when our diet becomes deficient it can lead to brittle hair and nails, osteoarthritis, and ageing skin.

Hyaluronic acid helps skin look more supple by increasing skin moisture. It makes skin look softer, smoother, more hydrated, and glowing.

Natural prebiotic inulin, derived from chicory root, balances the skins microbiome and promotes healthy and youthful appearance of the skin.

Potassium is vital for skin care, too, lack of potassium may cause skin disorders including dry skin. 

Ideally, we should consume all the nutrients we require from a variety of foods. Unfortunately, soil depletion and food production practices have caused our diets to become less nutrient dense. This is one of the main reasons organic farming is growing in popularity. Here at Nutraviva we have made the concept of edible beauty a simple process, combining these ingredients in an easy to use formula that will make you beautiful from the inside out.

Simply Beautiful

Choosing the best source of your vitamins and minerals is not easy, and that is where Simply Beautiful comes in.

Simply Beautiful combines top quality Marine Collagen peptides, originating from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are proven to be beneficial to your health and beauty.

It is a convenient and effective formula for slowing down the effects of aging, using natural products which have a positive effect on skin, hair, nails and overall well being.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL contains superfruit blend (raspberry juice, strawberry juice, pomegranate juice, elderberry juice, elderberry juice, blackcurrant juice, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, acai puree, goji juice) for added antioxidant benefits. You only need to take it once a day to see the results.

Health benefits

Formulated to assist with:

  • Collagen formation
  • Skin hydration & elasticity
  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • Hair & nail maintenance
  • Skin structure & wound healing
  • Cell protection from free radicals
  • Tiredness & fatigue reduction


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