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Amino Acids: Your Gut's Allies for Digestive Health

Gut and digestive health are essential for overall wellbeing, and what we ingest can have a significant impact on our digestive system's long-term health. Digestive processes that occur within the digestive system are crucial as they break down food into bioavailable nutrients that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. However, certain factors such as bacterial imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, and a nutrient-poor diet can damage the gut lining, and may contribute to health conditions like Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or Leaky Gut Syndrome.


Collagen: A Rich Natural Source of Amino Acids

Collagen, a protein that strengthens and tightens the skin, has a similar effect on the epithelial lining and connective tissues found in the digestive system. Collagen is a major constituent of the connective tissue lining of the gut and intestines. Therefore, consuming collagen supplements may help in the nourish and repair the intestinal walls, stimulating collagen synthesis within cells, and support tight gap junctions between cells and assisting digestive processes.


Three key amino acids found in high concentrations in collagen that are crucial for gut health and digestion are glycine, glutamine, and proline.

  • Glycine can improve digestive processes by stimulating the natural production of stomach acid and improving nutrient absorption.
  • Glutamine supports the intestinal lining of the stomach and gap junctions in the connective tissue, supporting metabolism, and curbing cravings.
  • Proline, along with glycine, helps synthesize collagen, supports wound healing, digestive health, increases metabolism, and fights inflammation in the intestinal tract.

The unique amino acid profile of Nutraviva collagen powders not only provide these key amino acids, but also several other essential and conditionally essential amino acids that facilitate collagen synthesis and repair within the digestive system.


Collagen for Digestive Health

Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate and Marine Collagen are excellent natural collagen protein sources with high levels of these important amino acids for gut health: glycine (approx. 23%), proline (approx. 13%), and glutamine (approx. 9.5%).

Importantly, when it comes to the food it is not only what we eat that is important, but what our food eats as well as this contributes directly not only from an ethical point of view, but also as this healthy natural lifestyle of the animal directly contributes to the quality of the supplement.  Nutraviva's pure unblended Collagen Hydrolysate and Performance Collagen is a grass fed and finished bovine collagen powder. Nutraviva's pure unblended Marine Collagen is sourced from a wild caught fish from a MSC certified sustainable fishery. 

Consuming collagen from a high-quality collagen supplement such as Nutraviva collagen powders can also have a satiating effect, support weight management, and curbing unhealthy food cravings.


Gelatin Goodness

Gelatin is another natural food source with these essential amino acids, coating the stomach and soothing digestive issues. As gelatin has a longer protein chain than a hydrolysed collagen powder is digests slower and its gelling properties make it the perfect way to create your own gut health boosting gummies at home. Nutraviva Beef Gelatin is sourced from grass fed and finished cattle. 


Nourishing Bone Broth

Bone broth is also a rich natural source of collagen, with the minerals and amino acids in bone broth highly bioavailable for digestion in the body. The collagen types I, II, and III found in Nutraviva Beef Bone Broth powders promote collagen synthesis and reduce inflammation within the body. Nutraviva broth powders are made from all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or flavours added, making it easy to benefit from these essential nutrients.

Our bone broth powders are sourced from Australian and New Zealand pasture raised cattle. These specially selected bones are rich in red and white stem cells and the low heat cooking process is used to draw out the collagen, marrow and other healing elements including amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This helps maximize the absorption of flavour, nutrients and goodness into our broths. 



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