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Collagen Supplements for Anti-aging


Collagen contains a powerful mixture of amino acids including proline and glycine, which are found in all connective tissue within the body. Collagen's triple helix protein structure (GLY-PRO-X) is essential for regenerating collagen internally. This helps with skin tension, arthritis, joint pain to keep you mobile now and into the future. Anti-ageing and increased mobility occurs when the collagen molecule synthesises effectively in the body to regenerate collagen.

Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate is 100% pure premium collagen protein is made from the connective tissue of grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. Nutraviva Marine Collagen is sourced from sustainable, organic wild caught North Atlantic cod. Both products are pure products, not blends, and are without any mixture of other supplements.

Beautiful skin is achieved by increasing skin tension. Collagen fibrils have enormous tensile strength; such that collagen can be stretched without being broken and without wrinkling. Collagen fibrils are also used as the reinforcing rods in construction of bone.

Collagen positively influences skin surfaces over the body and repairs skin-aging, improving skin appearance of the entire body making it an ideal edible beauty supplement.

Collagen is best taken as a powder in drink rather than capsule form to maximise the dose. Nutraviva recommends 12 grams per day or more depending on body weight and amount of physical exercise.  There are no side effects from taking more than 12 grams daily.

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Get to know Nutraviva

Since 2016, we’ve been committed to providing Australians with powerful, affordable collagen supplements. Our brand name, Nutraviva, comes from our motto – nutrition for life.

Our goal is to help our customers find premium health support products in the most convenient package. If you want to learn more about our brand or products, feel free to send an enquiry or call us on 0413 339 170.  


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Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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