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Boost Your Pet's Health with Collagen

Collagen, the crucial structural protein found in skin and connective tissues such as joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments, plays a pivotal role in your pet's well-being. About 30% of a dog's total protein is collagen, determining the strength and elasticity of their hair, bones, nails, and teeth. Discover the remarkable advantages of pet collagen supplements for your furry companions that go beyond human benefits.

As our pets age, their collagen production diminishes, making them more vulnerable to injuries, painful bone and joint conditions, as well as skin and coat problems. Pets age rapidly, with collagen depletion often leading to health issues like joint pain and arthritis. Introducing additional collagen into your pet's diet can significantly reduce the potential for these problems.

Top 5 Advantages of Collagen Supplements for Pet Health:

Enhanced Joint Stability
Collagen constitutes 70 to 90% of a dog's muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Aging can lead to the loosening and brittleness of muscles and connective tissues, rendering dogs prone to injuries like torn cruciate ligaments, patellar subluxations, and elbow and hip dysplasia. Incorporating collagen into your pet's diet can promote improved joint health and injury prevention. In larger breeds, such as Labradors, pet collagen supplementation may help prevent serious breed-related joint issues like elbow dysplasia.

Reduced Joint Pain
Just like humans, many dogs experience age-related joint and soft tissue pain. Collagen loss in the joints during aging can contribute to conditions like arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and tendonitis. Collagen is considered a safe and effective supplement for joint health, benefiting both humans and animals alike. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapies to manage osteoarthritis in our beloved companions.

Support for Digestion
Collagen plays a vital role in digestion by breaking down proteins and soothing the gastrointestinal tract's lining. It fosters the health of the protective lining of the digestive system, helping create connective tissue and infusing the entire system with restorative amino acids.

Notably, collagen contains glycine, an amino acid known for its soothing properties that promote a balanced healthy digestive system in your pet.

Enhanced Hair, Nails, and Coat Health
Collagen is responsible for 70% of the protein in a dog's skin, providing the foundation for healthy skin, a soft, lustrous coat, and robust, splinter-resistant nails. As a dog ages it can be more prone to skin conditions that negatively impact their coat’s microbiome balance which may contribute to increased itching and flaking. Supplementing with a specialised pet collagen powder supports their skin health from the inside out.

Stimulates a Healthy Appetite
Collagen is most effective when integrated into your pet's diet through food or supplements. Excellent sources of collagen protein include dairy, eggs, and lean meats, which should be a part of your companion animal's balanced diet. Pet collagen supplementation can also assist in replenishing your pet's collagen stores for overall health.

Nutraviva’s Pet Collagen Range

At Nutraviva we have a specialised range of pet collagen products including:

Nutraviva Advanced Mobility Formula for Dogs is a premium collagen based supplement with APVMA approval. It is fortified with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C specifically designed for your dog. It is a registered complementary pet food supplement suitable for all dog breeds and sizes designed to be taken daily. Long term use may help improve joint health and functioning.

Nutraviva Pet Health Formula has been designed to be used on a daily basis to maintain healthy amounts of collagen peptides and glucosamine that may assist with supporting the growth and development of healthy bones and joints for your pet.

Nutraviva Pet Care Plus Formula is specially designed to assist with your pet’s health and contains a fine blend of grass fed beef collagen hydrolysate and glucosamine HCL.

Nutraviva Pet Bone Broth has been designed to be incorporated into your pet’s diet on a daily basis to support the general health and wellness of your pet as well as both a preventative and supportive strategy to reduce the impact of age related joint and bone deterioration.


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