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Can a pure Collagen Hydrolysate be manufactured to target specific health conditions?


All collagen hydrolysate supplements are derived from animals. Typically, this will be sourced from bovine hides, chicken cartilage or from fish skin and/or scales. Collagen presents a unique set of amino acids that assists fibroblasts (connective tissue), osteoblasts (bone) and chondroblasts (cartilage) cells to produce collagen fibres. These cells will draw upon specific amino acids which are found in abundance in Collagen Hydrolysate to help synthesise new collagen fibres.


Some of the most crucial of these amino acids are proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. The number of and the typical ratio of these amino acids does not vary to any significant degree to warrant any claim that one form of pure, unblended Collagen Hydrolysate will be more beneficial to skin or bones, joints or bone than another form. The same can be said regarding the type of enzyme used to break down the large protein chains found in collagen into the smaller peptides.


Once Collagen Hydrolysate has been consumed by an individual it will very quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream as 18 pure amino acids. There is absolutely no difference in the chemical structures of identical amino acids, Proline is proline whether it comes from bovine, marine, or chicken collagen, and to make a claim that there is a difference is misleading.


To infer a pure collagen hydrolysate can be specifically made that targets cartilage formation or skin firmness is questionable. To imply that using alternate enzymes to break down the collagen fibres into peptides will not alter the fact that the collagen forming cells of the body simply require large amounts of the amino acid found naturally in Collagen Hydrolysate to synthesise collagen.


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