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How Collagen can Boost your Natural Beauty


A youthful appearance is often considered beautiful, but how can we maintain our health and beauty over time. The best methods are the tried and true ones; being  hydration, healthy eating, exercise, and sleep. But along with these healthy lifestyle choices, there’s a new supplement worth looking into. Here’s how daily collagen supplements may help support your natural beauty.

Collagen is essential for your body

Collagen is not some new, medical marvel that we’ve only just discovered, it is a naturally occurring element in our body that is found in the bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, muscles, hair, and skin. The reason it seems so new is that we have only recently realised how a daily dose of collagen can be used to support our overall health.

Medical professionals estimate that after the age of 25 our body loses more collagen each day than it produces. This means that we start to notice the side effects; things like fine lines and wrinkles, weak joints, or sagging skin become more common without collagen to hold them off. With a daily supplement, you may be able to minimise these effects by adding collagen back into your body.

The highest quality ingredients 

Nutraviva’s Collagen Hydrolysate is made exclusively from grass-fed and finished cattle with a bioavailability of 90%, making it easily digested and used by the body. Our Marine Collagen is made exclusively from sustainably harvested red snapper and is unnoticeable in taste or smell when added to your favourite juice, smoothies, or meals. Just a single tablespoon 1-2 times per day could help you see the difference in your skin.



Give it time to work

As much as we’d love to say that overnight you’ll look 25 again, it’s simply not the case. Our supplements are not miracle workers. We’ve worked hard to provide a high-quality, easily digested collagen supplement that is designed to support your health. Now you need to give your body time to do the rest. In most studies that recognise the positive effects of collagen supplements, it took 8-12 weeks of supplement use before results were taken. Using our products over a sustained period is the best way to give your body time to reap the potential benefits.


Get to know Nutraviva

Since 2016, we’ve been committed to providing Australians with powerful, affordable collagen supplements. Our brand name, Nutraviva, comes from our motto – nutrition for life. Our goal is to help our customers find premium health support products in the most convenient package. 


At Nutraviva, we’re all about transparency. We’re happy to tell you where our high-quality products come from and what goes into them. Browse our FAQs for more information about our supplements, or get in touch to ask us any questions.


Find our premium Nutraviva product range here. 

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Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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