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How Collagen Supports Holistic Skin Wellness

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in our bodies, and it plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin. As we age and face environmental challenges like increased sun exposure, our natural collagen production declines, leading to the more visible signs of aging and a diminished ability for our skin to heal rapidly.


Understanding Collagen's Role in Skin Health

Collagen, constitutes about 75-80% of the skin's dry weight and is a structural protein, providing strength, support, and elasticity for our skin. Type I collagen, the most abundant type in the skin, ensures tensile strength, resisting overstretching and maintaining firmness.

Collagen is produced in the skin's middle layer, the dermis, by specialised cells called fibroblasts. In our youth, sufficient collagen production in the dermis results in am appearance of smooth, plump skin, but in time as we age, collagen production decreases, contributing to the visible signs of aging.

Factors like sun exposure, pollution, smoking, and diet choices can also accelerate collagen breakdown. Lifestyle aspects such as stress, inadequate sleep, and certain medical conditions may further contribute to collagen depletion. To counteract this, many people turn to collagen supplements, whereby the long protein chains present in animal sourced collagen fibres are broken down through a process called hydrolysis into amino acids (peptides), making them easier for the body to absorb and support collagen synthesis in the body.


Collagen's External Benefits:

Enhanced Skin Elasticity: Collagen fibres provide structural support, preventing sagging and drooping. Abundant collagen maintains smooth, elastic skin.

Reduced Wrinkles & Fine Lines: Collagen supplementation assists in the replenishment of collagen levels, stimulating new collagen fibres, improving moisture retention, and reducing visible signs of aging.

Enhanced Skin Hydration: Collagen acts as a natural internal moisturiser, attracting and retaining moisture within the skin for optimal hydration, resulting in plumper skin.

Brightened Complexion and Reduced Hyperpigmentation: Collagen contributes to a brighter complexion by maintaining a healthy skin barrier, reducing the incidence of dark age spots, and promoting elastin production.


Collagen is a key factor in supporting youthful, radiant skin. Its benefits extend beyond aesthetics though by supporting overall health by supporting digestive balance, inflammation reduction, and joint mobility.

Whilst collagen supplements offer various benefits, results can vary based on factors such as overall health, age, genetics, lifestyle, and product quality. While it won't reverse aging, collagen contributes to minimising its impact, promoting skin health, and supporting healthy aging outcomes.


At Nutraviva we offer a range of 100% natural collagen powders as well as a specialised beauty collagen formula. Simply Beautiful Beauty Collagen formulas are designed to support skin, hair, and nail health from the inside out. Not only does it include highly bioavailable collagen peptides, but it also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals to support beauty outcomes including vitamins A, C and E, hyaluronic acid, zinc and silica.


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Disclaimer: As with any dietary choice, it's essential to strike a balance. A varied and balanced diet, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, is key to overall well-being. This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult with your Doctor or healthcare professional regarding your individual health needs before making any changes to your health routine or starting any new dietary supplements.

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