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How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?


Building new supplements into your routine can be exciting, particularly if you’re introducing collagen supplements - after all, you’ve chosen those supplements for their health benefits, and it’s nice to see them kick into action!


Any successful shift in a supplement routine requires patience and commitment. Some results will be obvious more quickly than others, so by committing to taking supplements on a regular basis, you can make sure you’re setting yourself up to access their benefits on an ongoing basis.


Collagen supplements offer many benefits to skincare, beauty, and health outcomes. Collagen is a protein that’s found in many parts of the body, including the skin, muscles, joints, and the gut. It’s a substance that our bodies naturally produce, but over time, those natural production levels start to decrease. Many people will then support their natural production levels via collagen supplements, looking to provide their body with the same benefits as they receive from naturally occurring collagen.


Some of collagen’s health benefits include…


  • Skin health support. Collagen plays a key role in strengthening skin, as well as improving elasticity and hydration. This is one reason collagen supplements are so popular to those looking to fight the impacts of ageing. Collagen can also help skin to hold onto moisture, increasing the density of collagen fibres within it.
  • Support for your gut. L-glutamate is one of the main amino acids in collagen, playing a crucial role in supporting digestive health by fueling cells within the intestine. Collagen also contains proline and glycine, two amino acids that our gut linings use as sources of energy.
  • Joint support. Collagen comes in over 28 different types, with type II a common structural component of our joints. Clinical trials have found collagen supplements lead to improvements in joint stiffness for a wide variety of users.
  • Muscle support. With its 20 unique amino acids, collagen can provide support to muscle mass, making up 1-10% of muscles. Studies have found that individuals who take collagen daily while participating in exercise programs gain more muscle than those who were only exercising.
  • Hair and nails. Beauty benefits are also found in collagen as it plays a significant role in strengthening and maintaining hair and nails. Collagen supplements can lead to better growth rates, reduced breakage in both hair and nails, and improved, healthier appearances.


These benefits will become apparent at different intervals when a regular collagen supplement routine is followed. Skin support benefits will be the first to make themselves known, with the first evidence of healthier skin showing in as little as four weeks. Changes to muscles are most likely to become evident after three months, with joint health and support taking between four and six months, and healthier hair and nails taking approximately 24 weeks.


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