difference between collagen and gelatin

Is collagen powder the same as gelatin powder?


Collagen powder and gelatin powder are both sourced from collagen fibres, but one offers a significant amount of health benefits unmatched by the other.

Collagen powder and gelatin powder are both powerful sources of nutritional benefits, supplying protein and amino acids within a simple, digestible form. Given how many similarities the two share, it’s common for people to assume they offer the same health benefits and are interchangeable. In reality, collagen powder and gelatin do not provide the same physical characteristics, with one offering more bioavailable nutritional benefits than the other. If you’re looking for the best outcomes from your supplements, read on to discover why one of these powders is superior to the other.


The differences between collagen powder and gelatin


Since both collagen and gelatin are sourced from bovine or fish sources (although there’s now some incredible options available in the form of vegan collagen powder), the difference arises in how the original collagen source is treated. Collagen peptide powder is sourced from collagen that, once it’s processed, has been hydrolysed. In comparison, gelatin is made through cooking collagen, simmering the source material until a jelly-like stock is drawn from it. It can then be dehydrated into a powder form.


As collagen is heated, the proteins within it begin to denature. This is a process that sees the protein unravel before they take the form of liquid collagen. 


When collagen is hydrolysed, the amino acids from the source are more bioavailable, delivering more health benefits to your body.


Making the most of collagen’s health benefits


Collagen is an incredible source of support for your bones, joints, skin and overall health, providing essential amino acids that can increase our collagen levels. As hydrolysed collagen has a lower molecular weight than gelatin, the collagen hydrolytic enzymes are able to break into small pieces of collagen fibre (known as collagen peptides). Their smaller size creates an increase in their bioavailability and bioactive nature, resulting in more absorption upon consumption. Hydrolysed collagen peptides can be absorbed by the body within an hour of consumption, travelling into our body’s metabolism at a faster rate than gelatin.


Building a regular collagen powder routine

The greatest health benefits from collagen powder come from consistent use, with regular collagen intake supporting the healthy function of many vital organs and processes. It’s important to find a collagen source that balances the best price available for beef and marine collagen powder alongside the highest quality of collagen sources, as lower quality collagen powder can lead to a dramatic reduction in associated health benefits. With savings on multipacks available, find the benefits of buying in bulk and make sure your stock of collagen powder is in ample supply for everyday health and longevity. Nutraviva’s range of premium collagen powder products provides 100% natural collagen sources that can suit a wide range of dietary needs. With free shipping on orders over $125 and up to 20% on multiple pack orders, Nutraviva makes it easier than ever to give your health the benefits of collagen powder on a daily basis.



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