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The Benefits of Collagen for your Pets


Does your pet suffer from health problems, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and tendonitis? Nutraviva's Pet Formula range is the perfect health supplement for your pets.

As we age, so do our cherished pets and believe it or not, they may suffer from similar health problems to us. By supplementing their diets with our specially formulated pet formulas, this may assist your pets to live a full, pain-free life.

We have two specially designed pet formulas for you to choose from. depending upon the stage your pet is at. Our Pet Health Formula consists of a premium blend of grass-fed collagen hydrolysate, glucosamine and vitamin C, which makes it the perfect joint and health supplement for your pet, and our Advanced Mobility Formula which is specifically formulated for ageing pets, which may now be suffering from arthritis, joint stiffness and suffering from pain. This formula consists of collagen hydrolysate, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, MSM, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, all working together to help improve the quality of life and mobility of your pet.


What is Nutraviva Pet Formula and do my pets need it?

Our pets contribute so much to our lives. They play with us, work with us and are always there when we need them. Friendship like that deserves rewarding by helping to make their lives and health needs a priority. By adding Nutraviva Pet Formula to the diet of your dogs, cats, and even horses, you are making a small investment in the continued health and happiness of your beloved furry best friend.


Nutraviva Pet Formula can help treat several pet health conditions, including osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, and tendonitis. Importantly, our pet formula will be most effective to help manage these conditions if they are caught early and the product is taken regularly. You should always consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding specific pet health concerns.


Nutraviva Pet Formula is a premium protein joint supplement for your pets, high in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Pets with arthritis may be lacking in the ability to regenerate collagen which could lead to inflammation of joints resulting in discomfort. Collagen hydrolysate contains hydroxyproline, which isn’t found in any other protein but is necessary for the reconstruction of damaged connective tissue. Collagen is also responsible for making synovial fluid to lubricate and to reduce inflammation in the joints. Vets encourage supplementing with collagen and glucosamine to reduce inflammation, which is why our range of Nutraviva Pet Formulas are a perfect complement to your pet’s daily diet.


The many known benefits of Nutraviva Pet Formula range includes:

  • Supporting a healthy coat and nail formation
  • Reducing arthritis, inflammation, and pain
  • Supports joints for better mobility
  • Reduces skin allergies
  • Strengthens cartilage, bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Improves intestinal health
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Builds and maintains muscle

Nutraviva Pet Formula vs Grass-fed Collagen Hydrolysate

We often get asked how our Nutraviva Pet Formula is different from our collagen hydrolysate and beef gelatin products. Ultimately, Nutraviva Pet Formulas are less refined, and is beneficial as a joint supplement for your pets. It also has added Joint improvement compounds such as Glucosamine to help relieve pain and joint wear, promote effective recovery from joint surgery and to keep performance dogs in peak condition.


American Animal & Veterinary Science Journal reported that when 10g per day of collagen hydrolysate is fed to dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis, they showed a significant improvement. After 8 weeks there was less stiffness and lameness present in the dogs and the overall mobility of the animals was improved.


How to use Nutraviva Pet Formulas

Our pet formulas are discrete, odourless, tasteless and stick to dry food so it’s easy to feed to your furry friends. Add 1.5g (1/2 tsp) for every 10kg of body weight to wet or dry food and combine well. It’s as simple as that!

By supplementing our pet formulas into your pet’s diet, it will provide your pet with over 18 amino acids that will assist them in living a healthy and happy life!


Find out more about the benefits of Nutraviva for your pet.

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Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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