bovine vs marine collagen

Marine collagen vs. Bovine collagen


Marine collagen and bovine collagen are incredible sources of collagen support, catering to a wide range of diets and preferences. Here’s the differences and similarities.


Marine collagen and bovine collagen are both incredible sources of collagen support, providing significant health benefits when taken regularly and when sourced from a high-quality product. While both types are sourced from collagen, the difference in marine collagen vs. bovine collagen is important to understand, as one source may be more suitable than the other for your specific dietary and nutritional needs.


The sources of collagen powders and supplements


The key difference between marine collagen vs. bovine collagen may be obvious: marine collagen is sourced from fish, while bovine collagen is sourced from cattle. Specifically, marine collagen is sourced from fish skin and fish scales, while bovine collagen is sourced from cow hides and bone. Nutraviva's bovine sourced Collagen Hydrolysate is sourced from the hide and Marine Collagen powder sourced from the skin. 


Alongside the difference in animal source, this means each collagen source also originates in a different environment. These environments can be of particular importance in understanding the quality of the collagen supplement. With a wide array of low quality beef collagen and marine collagen powders on the market, verifying the quality of the collagen source is the first step in ensuring the supplement is of a high enough quality to provide genuine nutritional benefits.


Catering to a wide variety of dietary needs


The continued increase in collagen powders means it’s easier than ever to access a suitable supplement for your health needs, whether you’re an omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. 


Omnivores can access high quality grass fed collagen from bovine collagen sources, including halal collagen options. Nutraviva’s Grass Fed and Finished Collagen Hydrolysate Powder ensures the highest quality of natural collagen sources, drawing from cattle that are grass fed and finished, rather than grain fed. This results in a higher quality collagen hydrolysate product, with the benefits passing directly into your body’s vital functions and ongoing health. 


Pescatarians can find a complete solution in Nutraviva’s high quality marine collagen powder, sourced from wild-caught cod from the North Atlantic Ocean. With the cod’s skin containing exceptionally high-quality peptides, this collagen powder delivers remarkable health benefits far superior to those found in low-quality, farmed and genetically modified marine collagen fish sources. Nutraviva’s hydrolysed marine collagen is also a popular source of beauty support in Australia, with its low molecular weight stimulating collagen metabolism and increasing collagen synthesis (necessary to reduce the impacts of aging and wrinkles). 


How to incorporate collagen powder into your diet


It couldn’t be easier to make the most of collagen powder’s health benefits. With Nutraviva’s marine collagen and bovine collagen powders available with free shipping on minimum orders and discounts on multi-pack orders, you can enhance your health, wellbeing and longevity through the inclusion of collagen powder in your daily diet. Whether mixed into your morning smoothie, included in baked goods, enjoyed in scrambled eggs or mixed into yoghurt or oatmeal, collagen powder is the preventative supplement you need to maximise your long-term health potential.

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