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Natural ways to boost your immune system

The change of the season is always a good prompt to consider how you’re supporting your immune system. Our immune systems are complex networks of cells and proteins that work together to defend the body against infection. A healthy immune system is necessary for our overall health and wellbeing, as it’s the line of defence that stops outside germs and viruses from disrupting our physical health. 

If you’ve noticed that you’re often feeling sick, fatigued or worn down, this may be a sign that your immune system is weakened. High stress levels, consistent colds, digestive issues, wounds that are slow to heal, frequent infections - these can all be signs that your immune system is under stress and is not performing at its best. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to easily boost your immune system. By taking proactive steps to support its healthy function, you can benefit from a reduced chance of being impacted by seasonal infections.

How to naturally boost your immune system

There are a number of tools that are necessary in order to naturally boost your immune system. These include…

  • Eating a balanced diet, ensuring you’re getting the necessary mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep on a regular basis
  • Exercising regularly
  • Washing your hands to ward off the likelihood of infection
  • Maintaining your vaccine schedule
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Minimising stress

These steps will also increase your daily sense of wellbeing, leading to increases in energy levels and enhancements in your physical health.

Fight off inflammation

Inflammation within the body can lead to an impacted immune system, reduced in its ability to protect you from incoming infection. Chronic inflammation has a negative impact on tissues and organs, and can lead to long-term health conditions such as cancer or strokes. If you’ve been feeling fatigued, experiencing body pain, depression, anxiety or gastrointestinal complications, looking to reduce your inflammation may assist in providing relief from these issues.

Bone broth is a rich source of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. It helps to fight off inflammation within the upper respiratory tract, therefore supporting our immune systems through the benefit of powerful natural ingredients. 

Immune system boosters

When we’re sick or under stress, our bodies are not as effective at producing necessary amino acids. Researchers have found that the amino acids present in collagen hydrolysate and bone broths, including arginine, cysteine and glutamine, can play a powerful role in reducing inflammation, boosting our immunity, and supporting digestive health. 

Foods high in ingredients which are natural immune system boosters are crucial in supporting a happy, healthy immune system. Bone broth is one easy way to ensure you’re supporting your immune system through its nutritional density. Collagen hydrolysate can also help to support a healthy and strong immune system, given its ability to create cellular repair and a stimulation of immune cells that speed up the healing processes of injuries and infections.

Given the heavy lifting our immune systems do on our behalf, it’s wise to invest in its health on a daily basis. With Nutraviva’s bone broth and collagen hydrolysate solutions, you’ll find the support you need for healthy and thriving immunity.



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