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Bone Broth: not just for humans

If you know all about the benefits of bone broth for yourself, have you ever considered how pet bone broth could make all the difference for your furry friend?

Not only is bone broth full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring collagen that makes it a powerful choice for humans, but it also offers similar benefits to cats and dogs. Pet bone broth can be a safe and easy way to supplement food for your domestic pets, giving them a boost in their general health and wellness. This can be both a preventative and supportive strategy, using the strength of bone broth to reduce the impact of age-related joint and bone deterioration.

It’s important that we give our four-legged friends the best chance for longevity possible, and bone broth is one easy way to support them on a daily basis. 

How to incorporate bone broth into your pet’s diet

Nutraviva Pet Bone Broth is a safe and effective food supplement for all dog and cat breeds of any age or size. This specially designed premium protein formula provides multiple collagen sources from cattle bones and hides. It’s a high-quality bone broth powder that provides micronutrients from the bone and marrow, including hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, vitamins and minerals. In the same way that these benefits can enrich the diets of humans and promote healthy aging and longevity, bone broth offers our pets the opportunity to strengthen their health and wellbeing through an easy-to-take bone broth supplement.

With no added salt, this is high quality protein that’s naturally collagen rich. Nutraviva Pet Bone Broth is designed to give your pets a dense source of vitamins and minerals in an all-natural ingredient.

Bone broth benefits for cats and dogs

The list of benefits bone broth offers to cats and dogs alike is extensive, including…

  • Joint rejuvenation - helps pets young and old protect and strengthen their joints 
  • A healthy gut - improve your pet’s digestive help through bone broth’s natural properties
  • Enhanced hydration - bone broth most often is served in liquid form, enabling increased hydration for your beloved pet
  • Skin and coat health - keep your pets looking fresh and healthy thanks to the natural vitamins and minerals found in bone broth
  • Increased appetite - a functioning gut contributes to stabilised appetite patterns

When pets experience inflammation, their bodies are under pressure, just like humans. The anti-inflammatory properties of bone broth is a natural way to reduce inflammation and support your pets in reaching optimal health on a daily basis.

How to introduce bone broth into your pet’s diet

What’s not to love about the taste of bone broth for pets? This is one easy ingredient to work into their daily diet. Bone broth can be incorporated into regular mealtimes by being poured over dry kibble or wet food. Pets can also be served bone broth in liquid form. Just like with humans, bone broth is an easy ingredient to incorporate into existing eating habits, making it a breeze to introduce even for the pickiest of animal eaters. 


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