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The weather in spring is without doubt the most unpredictable of all of the seasons. Summer is mostly hot, winter is mostly cold, but spring can be a mix of both,  with changes on a daily, or even hourly basis.

Changes in the weather can be unsettling and many people experience unexpected changes in their health along with the changing weather. Some  frequent issues include allergies like hay fever, headaches, joint pain, tiredness, fatigue and mood changes. People susceptible to headaches report more frequent episodes due to the changeable spring weather in comparison to summer or winter. Many people suffering from arthritis or chronic back pain note a worsening of these conditions on stormy, cold or damp days, which improves as the temperature increases and becomes more predictable.


The weather can certainly influence how we feel, not in the same way or intensity for all of us, but enough to make a difference. Sunshine most likely plays an important role. We have special sensors in our eyes and they transmit the intensity of light to our brains which in turn influences our biological and hormonal rhythms along with our concentration, alertness and mood.


The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight helps us to produce vitamin D which has important vital functions for our skin, health and well-being. Warm weather also provides us with ideal temperatures, we don’t need to sweat to cool down or move about or shiver to keep warm. Significantly higher or lower temperatures take us out of our comfort zone and plays on our emotions and the health that results from them.

Can the spring weather really make us sick?

 In Australia, pollen and dust can irritate the eyes, nose and lungs, particularly in those with allergies. The moist air that accompany seasonal thunderstorms can also break up pollen and pollution into smaller particles which are more easily inhaled deep into the lungs and set off asthma attacks. Warm and moist conditions may also stimulate the release of fungal spores which can also set off allergies in some people.


All this aside spring is a transformative season where rebirth and regeneration shows us just how beautiful nature can be. What better time for recharging and renewing our health and wellbeing, both inside and out. 


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Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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