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The best vegan collagen in Australia

Vegan collagen is growing in use around Australia, with many people who opt for a vegan diet finding great sources of protein and overall health support in a diet-friendly supplement. While collagen supplements are made from collagen within a range of animals, including bovine and marine sources, vegan collagen is sourced from plants and microbes instead of animals.

Many people take collagen in order to promote healthy hair and skin, joint health, muscle mass, heart health and more. Collagen can be a highly useful tool for those looking to fight the impacts of ageing, boosting the body’s collagen levels and increasing skin elasticity, while reducing the visibility or occurrence of wrinkles. However, those who follow a vegan or plant-based diet have often struggled to find a true collagen alternative that’s animal-free without skimping on the inherent benefits. 

Vegan collagen brings with it many benefits, offering vegans the chance to capture the protein-building abilities of traditional collagen. 

Nutraviva’s Vegan Collagen Alternative

After years of in-depth research and extensive product testing, Nutraviva has developed a true vegan sourced collagen alternative that caters for the health needs and dietary requirements of those who eat within a vegan or plant-based diet. Our Nutraviva Vegan Collagen Alternative has a comparable amino acid profile to that of our premium bovine and marine-sourced collagen powders, providing a beneficial nutritional source of protein for the body to support tissue building and repair.

This innovative Australian-first true vegan product enjoys added superfoods and vitamins to give your body even more of the fuel it needs for everyday activity and wellbeing. Made with pea protein, sunflower seed protein, alfalfa sprout powder, chia seed powder, acai berry juice powder, kale juice powder and more, this vegan supplement can also be used as a meal replacement when you’re on the run.

Vegan collagen health benefits

Just because you’re eating a vegan or plant-based diet doesn’t mean you should miss out on all of the benefits collagen can provide. This vegan collagen promotes skin, hair and nail health, collagen formation, protein synthesis, and gut health. By incorporating specially sourced and blended ingredients, including the prebiotic inulin for gut health, grape seed extract and vitamin C for collagen formation and skin health, zinc for protein synthesis and hair/nail maintenance and more, this vegan collagen can provide you with a wide range of beneficial health outcomes in one easy vegan supplement. 

Easy everyday use

Looking to incorporate vegan collagen supplements into your daily diet? Our Vegan Collagen Alternative comes in a simple powder form that makes it easy to take while on the move. Simply mix two level tablespoons into water, smoothies or your favourite milk alternative and enjoy. If you’re looking to find a powerful source of nutrition as a meal replacement solution, this can also be used to meet your dietary needs.


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