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What is the best time to take a collagen supplement? 

A question we sometimes are asked by customers is what time of day is the best to take collagen. The timing for collagen supplements depends on the reason you are taking them and the best way to make supplementation consistent.


Early morning protein or recovery support

If you have gut issues with food supplements in the past, it may be better to take supplements like collagen powder in the morning blended in with your morning coffee or smoothies. If you are looking to utilise the amino acid glycine to improve sleep quality, you can choose to take it at night with a glass of milk or hot cacao.


Consistency matters

When it comes to collagen supplementation consistency is key. If you can incorporate using collagen powder into a routine that you already have this is a great way to increase your chances of continuing regular use. This is why including collagen powder into your morning coffee or tea is a great way to ensure daily use. Collagen powder is both hot and cold water soluble making it versatile to add to a range of food and drinks, including adding to smoothies, mixing into yoghurt or milk, including in muffin or bread mixes, and incorporated into protein ball recipes. Check out our delicious recipes for more inspiration.


Collagen considerations

There may be occasions that a health professional may suggest taking collagen up to twice per day to meet a specific health outcome. The suggested collagen supplementation intake for athletes is 20g due to increased protein requirements for recovery and rehabilitation protocols. When it comes to supplementation, an individual approach should be considered. It is best to touch base with your GP or medical professional when using food supplements to ensure your individual needs are considered.


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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult with your Doctor or healthcare professional regarding your individual health needs before making any changes to your health routine or starting any new dietary supplements.

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