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What is the most effective collagen to take?

What is the most effective collagen to take?

What is the most effective collagen to take?


There are numerous collagen supplement options available - so how do you identify which is the most effective form for you to take? These are the key considerations when it comes to determining the best choice for you.


With collagen providing so many necessary functions in our bodies, it’s no surprise that all kinds of collagen supplement products are now available on the market. In a sea of options, it’s important to identify what matters when choosing a collagen source in a supplement form. Not all collagen supplements are designed with the same focus on quality and results. By learning about what’s important in your collagen supplement, you can make the most of this useful tool in supporting your body’s prime daily health levels.


Let’s dive into the key considerations when it comes to determining the most effective collagen to take.


The form of the collagen supplement


Collagen supplements often take the shape of tablets/pills, shot-style drinks and powders. While pills are advertised based on their ease of use, they contain binders and additives that may actually delay or block absorption. Liquid shots’ main ingredient is water, requiring preservatives in order to keep the supplement in a consumable shape. Nutraviva’s collagen powder, however, offers a long-life shelf stable product without any fillers or binders, aiding easy absorption and making it the best source of collagen for maximised outcomes.


The collagen source


It’s important to choose a collagen supplement that comes from a healthy, nutritious source. Grass-fed, pasture-raised, and wild-caught fish sources are superior to sources that don’t meet this high quality. Collagen also shouldn’t have any fillers or additives, as these can impact the rate of absorption and result in a lower quality collagen.


Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate is 100% natural collagen sourced from grass fed and finished cattle. We provide both halal and kosher options also for those requiring this certifications for food supplements.


Nutraviva Marine Collagen is made up of 100% natural collagen sourced from organic wild cod in the North Atlantic Ocean. Halal certified, organic and GMO free, this is one of the most affordable marine collagen powder products on the market that isn’t sourced from highly polluted fresh water or farmed fish.



How it suits your dietary requirements


Good news: even vegetarians can make the most of certain collagen supplements! While collagen is traditionally sourced from animals, vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians can reap the benefits of collagen supplements from alternative collagen sources.


Nutraviva Vegan Collagen Alternative is the result of years of research and product testing, culminating in a vegan sourced collagen alternative that caters for the health needs and dietary requirements of vegan customers. Its amino acid profile is comparable to that of Nutraviva’s bovine and marine sourced collagen powders, leading to beneficial nutritional outcomes, including the support of tissue building and repair.


If you are looking or additional cofactors or ingredients for specific health needs we also provide a range of collagen formulas including Flavoured Collagen with vitamin C, our beauty collagen range Simply Beautiful and a Joint and Bone Formula



Where the best place is to buy collagen


Buying collagen supplements from a reputable company can solve many of the pain points associated with collagen powder. Nutraviva makes it easy to buy collagen powder directly from the comfort of your home, with free shipping for orders over $125 in Australia and $12 flat rate shipping in New Zealand. With a product guarantee, you can be sure to receive the highest quality of collagen and protein products.




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