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What’s so great about gelatin powder?


Gelatin powder gives us an easy way to increase our gelatin intake, which can lead to healthier skin, healthier guts and stronger joints and bones. We unpack these health benefits.


Gelatin powder is a popular protein supplement for good reason: it’s highly supportive of many of the functions our body needs on a daily basis. Derived from collagen, gelatin is found in the bones, cartilage and skin of animals. This collagen is then extracted to create gelatin.


Gelatin has a jelly-like texture and is both flavourless and translucent, making it a prime base ingredient for many recipes. It’s easily ingested in broths, soups, sauces, certain lollies, and also within some medications - as well as desserts! When gelatin is taken in the form of a gelatin powder, it becomes a versatile supplement that can be easily incorporated into your daily diet for ongoing health and well-being support.


The many health benefits of gelatin


Gelatin provides essential amino acids, as well as a protein that can increase the health of our skin, joints, hair, nails and gut. Its health benefits may include…


Healthier skin - since gelatin provides protein and amino acids that can contribute to the body’s collagen levels, it’s a powerful source of support for healthy skin. As natural collagen levels drop as we age, our skin is prone to losing elasticity (also leading to the development of wrinkles). The collagen found in gelatin can help to counteract these ageing impacts by increasing the skin’s hydration levels and reducing the impact of wrinkles.


Healthier gut - gelatin powder can be a great source of support for a healthier gut, helping to protect intestinal linings. It also contains glutamic acid, which has been a proven source of support for preventing leaky gut.


Decreased blood sugar levels - for those who are struggling with high blood sugar levels (particularly those with diabetes), gelatin powder can be a powerful tool in managing blood sugar levels. Gelatin includes an amino acid called glycine, which has been proven to help manage blood sugar levels for those with Type 2 diabetes.


Increased joints and bone strength - as collagen plays a key role in strengthening and supporting connective tissues, gelatin powder can provide the necessary components to protect and increase the strength of your joints and bones. Gelatin powder is also a fantastic supplement source if you’re looking to increase the density of your cartilage, as well as containing lysine, which has been proven to support bone strength. Gelatin powder is often recommended as a supplement for those at risk of osteoporosis thanks to its bone health support capacities.


What to look for in gelatin powder


It’s important to make sure your gelatin powder is coming from a high-quality natural source. Nutraviva Beef Gelatin is a grass fed and finished beef gelatin that’s 100% natural, without any inferior grade gelatin blended into it.


Nutraviva Australian Beef Gelatin is a premium 220 bloom gelatin. It is 100% natural and unblended with inferior-grade Gelatin powders. It is 100% Australian sourced and well suited for people who may be suffering from gut and digestive problems, people wishing to help control appetite and for people who are looking to create healthy quality meals, snacks and desserts.


Kosher and halal certified; our high-quality gelatin powders deliver maximised health benefits. Enjoy a flavourless gelatin powder source that can be incorporated into your daily intake without a second thought.



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