grass fed gelatin

Why choose a grass-fed gelatin?

Grass-fed gelatin is a rich source of daily support for our health and wellbeing. It offers far more health benefits than grain-fed gelatin - and here’s all the reasons why.

Grass-fed gelatin can be of ample benefit when included in our daily diets. This is a partially hydrolysed collagen meaning the collagen is first boiled at a rate higher than 40 degrees Celsius. This boiling process leads to breakdown of the collagen fibres, with the gelatin taking on a jelly-like consistency once cooled. As it doesn’t have any colour or flavour, it’s easily digested as a means of gaining valuable essential and on-essential amino acids that are also present in collagen. As grass-fed collagen is made from grass-fed gelatin, their nutritional profiles hold many similarities.

The difference between grass-fed and grain-fed gelatin

Unfortunately for those looking to make the most of gelatin supplements, many grain-fed options on the market fail to deliver on gelatin’s full nutritional potential. Grain-fed gelatin has a number of downsides. Grain-based diets for ruminants are often directly linked to bovine health issues, including tissue inflammation, reliance on antibiotics and bloating. If your gelatin is coming from an unhealthy source, it’s likely to result in a low-quality product. Grain-fed beef are also more likely to be raised in feedlot farming conditions, with unclean and small spaces leading to further health problems for the animals themselves.

Grass-fed sources are representative of stock that are more likely to be raised in healthy environments without the addition of antibiotics into their diets. Grass-fed gelatin is also extracted from beef that has a higher nutrition profile, with studies finding that grass-based diets are synonymous with these outcomes. This means grass-fed beef has higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, cholesterol-neutral stearic fatty acids, collagen, and ingredients that help our bodies in their production of vitamin A, vitamin E and glutathione.

Bovine gelatin can be used to enrich both hot and cold beverages, or can be added into fruit or jelly snacks, used to thicken sauces, soups and gravies, or as a binder in baking. By choosing a grass-fed gelatin source, you can make the most of gelatin’s many health benefits through its easy inclusion in your daily diet.

The benefits of grass-fed gelatin

Grass-fed gelatin offers many direct benefits for your health and wellbeing. It contributes to…

  • Healthy, glowing skin, with gelatin providing necessary proteins that improve your skin’s moisture and elasticity
  • Support for mobility through the promotion of healing in your connective tissues and the increase of joint comfort
  • An increase in cartilage density, helping joints to be more durable
  • Improved, enhanced bone health

Since gelatin is so easy to incorporate into the food and drink we consume, this is one simple tool that can help you promote longevity and healthy living on a daily basis.

Nutraviva’s grass-fed Beef Gelatin is kosher and halal certified, as well as being gluten-free, keto and paleo friendly.

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