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Why should you choose wild caught marine collagen?


Marine collagen is a powerful collagen supplement for those looking for an alternative to bovine collagen sources. When it comes to finding the best marine collagen, the first consideration is whether or not to choose farmed or wild caught marine collagen. It’s important to read beyond the headlines when it comes to considering your marine collagen purchases, as farmed marine collagen doesn't offer the same health benefits as wild caught marine collagen.


Marine collagen peptides are a compound of amino acid sequences that are derived from collagen or gelatin through a hydrolysis process. The unique production processes across wild caught marine vs. farmed marine lead to differences within the purity profiles of the collagen source and the amino acid composition. Not all marine collagen is made equally, and given the important role collagen has to play in supporting strong bodies, examining your fish collagen source is crucial to receiving the full range of benefits that collagen has to offer.


The benefits of using wild caught marine collagen

Marine collagen is a common collagen supplement alternative for individuals who may opt not to use collagen from traditional bovine and porcine sources. Bovine collagen is a form of collagen that’s mainly derived from cows, while porcine collagen is derived from pig sources. Marine collagen is a common collagen choice for people who choose not to eat red meat, but who are still looking for the multitude of benefits that collagen supplements can offer.


Nutraviva’s Marine Collagen is a 100% pure natural fish collagen peptide sourced from high quality wild cod. Created from natural, raw materials that are harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic, this wild caught collagen supplement is sourced from Ocean MSC approved raw materials that are used to identify sustainable fisheries.


Marine collagen peptides have an average molecular weight of 3000 Da to 6000 Da, which is an abbreviation for Dalton, the standard unit used to represent the weight of large molecules such as proteins. Nutraviva Marine Collagen ranks at the top of this scale, with a 6000 Da molecular weight. With almost no taste or smell, this product is an excellent source of collagen within a naturally pure product, easily consumed within food or beverages.


How to know if your collagen supplement is wild caught or farmed

Unless your collagen supplier explicitly notes that their marine collagen is wild caught or sustainable, it’s most likely that they’re sourcing their product from farmed fish. This has a significant detrimental impact on the quality of the raw materials, as well as ongoing environmental impacts within the surrounding waterways and ecosystems. In fish farms, fish are crowded together in artificial environments, with waste products from faeces, uneaten food, and dead fish leaching into the surrounding water, contaminating both the ecosystem and the local environment. Farmed fish also have high disease rates due to overcrowding, leading to an increase in chemicals and antibiotics to control bacterial growth.


Nutraviva’s wild caught Marine Collagen is instead sourced from the highest quality of fish the North Atlantic has to offer, using sustainable fishing practices and resulting in a much higher quality end product. If you’re looking to make the most of the pure beauty and health benefits wild caught marine collagen has to offer, Nutraviva’s premium Marine Collagen supplements is the product for you.




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