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Charlie McGrath - Believe Bootcamps Bx


An experienced fitness coach and co-founder of the highly successful Believe Bootcamps, Charlie McGrath is a highly respected fitness professional and expert in the areas of strength, HIIT, personal & sports coaching.

Charlie is a Level 1 CrossFit coach and in 2014 was ranked in the top 150 Masters athletes in the world in the 55-59 years age division. This year Charlie is competed in his 9th year at the CrossFit Opens.


What Are The Key Health Messages You Give Your Clients When Coaching And Personal Training?

“I always tell my clients to be consistent and learn to move properly before heavy lifting or trying to move too fast. Trust the process and be patient.

This is the same when it comes to nutrition and health supplements. Consistency is key, and again it is important to trust in the process of positive change and be patient”. 


How Do You Take Nutraviva Collagen Supplements?

“I mix Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate into my oats in the morning for breakfast and then follow up with smoothie in the afternoon to maintain high levels of collagen peptides and maximise my daily nutrition.

I incorporate collagen, protein and a greens superfood supplement into my daily nutrition regime”.


What Is Your Current Training Routine?

“At the moment I do four strength and HIIT combination sessions a week, plus one dedicated hot & cold sauna and pool session. I also like to keep active on my ‘rest’ days with walks, swimming or mobility work.

Family is hugely important to me so I want to maintain my ability to be involved in things together such as playing basketball together, competing with them and spending active quality time together as much as possible”.


Why Do You Recommend Nutraviva Collagen Products?

“To support my health, I always choose and recommend supplements that are of the highest quality, proven and nutrient dense. I have noticed a big difference for reduced joint and muscle soreness, and for my skin and nail health.

As a husband, father, grandfather and a Masters level athlete, collagen has been beneficial for my recovery from exercise and reducing inflammation in my joints. It has also had the added bonus of assisting my skin and nail health, many times in the past my nails would be prone to splitting during heavy lifting, and this does not happen any more.

A couple of years ago I had major hip replacement surgery and I have been gradually getting back to my pre-operation fitness, a dedicated recovery fitness program, a positive mindset and the incorporation of collagen as a supplement has supported me with this recovery.

This is why I use and recommend Nutraviva collagen products”.


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