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Kellie Neville, K-N9 Consulting - Pro Dog Trainer


"My name is Kellie Neville and I am the owner and operator of K-N9 Dog Training.

I have been training dogs' for over 12 years. K-N9 Dog Training classes are run in multiple locations in and around The Southern Highlands where I run (with a team of like-minded Dog Trainers) K-N9 Puppy, Junior and Obedience Schools for all ages and levels. I also provide Private Consultations, Nosework and Enrichment programs, Dog Training WorkShops, Rally-Obedience, Show Training, Dog Fitness, Agility, Walk and Trains and the new sport Sprint Dog."


What are the key pet health messages you give your clients regarding the nutrition and training of their dogs?

"Train the dog in front of you, not the one you want.

Each dog is an individual and such their nutrition and training is individual to their needs and lifestyle.

Training starts from the inside out.

Behaviour is affected by what we give our dog's, inside and out.

Educate yourself with what is out there on the market to best choose what is right for you, your family and most importantly your Dog."


How have you incorporated Nutraviva pet collagen supplements into your pet's routine?

"When Nutraviva brought Pet Collagen onto the market I immediately educated myself on the product and my two eldest girls who were retired competing dogs at the time, a Golden Retriever and Border Collie were started on the product. Both had multiple ruptured ACL's and their quality of life to the end was at most important to me.  The product gave them the ability to move easier in their senior years and me the confidence that they were being supplemented with the best product on the market.

I also incorporated pet collagen immediately into my now 4yr old Golden Retriever and Border Collie who compete in not only Obedience and Rally Obedience but WPD (Weight Pack Dog), Lure Coursing and Trick Dog Tests. I also do Agility with my girls and Herding with my Border Collie as well.

All my dogs have and will continue to be on Nutraviva Pet Collagen to support and maintain their active and competitive lifestyles. This product gives me peace of mind for my girl's longevity."


Why do you recommend Nutraviva pet collagen products to your clients?

"Having personally experienced the results that Nutraviva products has provided my girls, it's a no brainer to educate my clients on the products. Personal experience speaks volumes in this industry. It's all good and well to read about a product but actually using it and seeing first-hand what it can do for your dogs - That's the answer right there!

"My business motto is "Be A Mentor, Leave A Legacy, Love Your Dog".

Nutraviva incorporate all that and more into their products."



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