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Melissa Davey - SkinDeep Dermal


"My Name is Melissa Davey I am a Nationally Accredited Dermal Therapist. I have been running my own Dermal Clinic for 5 years and I am very passionate about the beauty industry".


What are the key skin health messages you give your clients regarding beauty nutrition?

"The skin is the largest organ in the body and as we age our bodies start to produce less collagen due to lifestyle ,UV damage and pollution which causes the skin to become thinner and drier.  Collagen helps create the foundation for elastin and hyaluronic acid which helps with the skin's hydration and elasticity. Good skin health is now also now being linked with the gut, an unhealthy gut can cause skin conditions and inflammation".


How do you take Nutraviva collagen supplements?

"I love all the Nutraviva Collagen Powders and it is hard to know which is my favourite. I use the Simply Beautiful Watermelon in my water bottle, the flavour is amazing . Probiotic Super Smoothie or the Collagen Hydrolysate I use in my smoothies I add coconut water, frozen fruit , one scoop or even just in water Nutraviva tastes amazing with no bad after taste . After a couple of weeks, of using Nutraviva I could see the improvement in my skin integrity".


Why do you recommend Nutraviva collagen products to your clients?

"I recommend Nutraviva to my clients to help promote collagen formation and to help improve healthy gut, skin and immune system function,  working to promote collagen growth working from the inside out.  I also recommend my clients use the Nutraviva powders in conjunction with my Collagen LED Light Bed which helps to accelerate results. Not only do Nutraviva products taste amazing but they are an Australian Company providing high quality of collagen powder products with results that can be seen".


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