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Nutrition and weight maintainance

Intake of adequate levels of protein is essential in keeping the body lean and providing adequate amounts of amino acids to our body [1].
Studies have shown that collagen peptides have been strong allies for reducing appetite, helping patients suffering from obesity to adopt a more effective and healthy diet [2].
Collagen peptides have also been shown to be a great supplement option for older people, maintaining lean mass and providing better quality of life [1].

[1] Hays NP, Kim H, Wells AM, Kajkenova O, Evans WJ. Effects of Whey and Fortified Collagen Hydrolysate Protein Supplements on Nitrogen balance and Body Composition in Older Women. J Am Diet Assoc. 109; 2009. p. 1082-7.
[2] Rubio IGS, Castro G, Zanini AC, Medeiros-Neto G. Oral ingestion of a hydrolyzed gelatin meal in subjects with normal weight and in obese patients: Postprandial effect on circulating gut peptides, glucose and insulin. 13; 2008. p. 48-53.