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Tips for managing your appetite

Are you finding yourself frequently raiding the fridge and snacking throughout the day and night during isolation? Beware the uncontrolled appetite and the isolation-induced shock of unexpected weight gain.  


Good Nutrition

Periods of isolation can have an impact on our daily routines and without any specific planning, or at the very least conscious decision making, it can be easy to fall into some bad habits. The kitchen is accessible all day and the work-life pressures have changed. Feelings of uncertainly or lack of control in the current situation can make us more vulnerable to comfort eating and making food choices that are not in keeping with healthy diet recommendations. Paying attention to our nutrition will play an important role in keeping us healthy, full of energy and feeling good about ourselves. Focussing on all the things that we can control, like our diet and nutrition intake, can help us regain some control challenging times. 


Types of Food

Consuming meals that contain a high proportion of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats will keep you satisfied for longer. Consider limiting white potatoes, corn and grains as these are high in carbohydrates and will only satisfy your hunger in the short term and then result in an insulin spike triggering a hunger response again. The reason paleo and keto style diets have become popular for weight control is that once you remove most carbs from your diet you also remove the cravings associated with low blood sugar levels and the crashes that cause you to become tired. This is a good time to support your immune system functioning and manage your appetite with quality nutrient-rich supplements such as collagen hydrolysate protein powder.  


Control Your Portions

Don’t eat because you are bored. Use a plate and sit down and eat, take your time and try to drink at least 400ml of water prior to eating. If you always have a large glass of water prior to any snacks, you may find you eat or snack less often. And try not to use extra-large plates to reduce the risk of having portions with excess food. Try to eat slowly and chew your food so you can enjoy it, eat until satisfied rather than stuffed, de-stress and eat in a calm manner. Having a high protein snack is a great way to satisfy hunger. Try a high protein smoothie or if looking to reduce your coffee intake drink a hot cup of bone broth.


Meal Frequency & Total Calorie Intake

Maintain a consistent routine around your main mealtimes and try to reduce unnecessary snacking. If you do need to consume something make sure it is not carbohydrate based. If it is you will eat more and become hungry again much sooner.

At night when many people tend to search for junk foods, I find having a hot chocolate (cocoa powder) with a full tablespoon of gelatin, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) powder and inulin with a teaspoon of honey satisfies my cravings quickly and keeps me content until morning. Having this every night has removed my mindless snacking and night- time calorie intake.


Remember, if you are isolating at home and your energy expenditure decreases then the amount of food you consume must also be moderated. Ensuring you get the right nutrients can not only keep your weight under control but also to boost your immune system.  Keep healthy, keep active and stay well.

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Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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