Nutraviva Plus Probiotic Super Smoothie


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Probiotic Super Smoothie 91g


Nutraviva Collagen Plus Probiotic Super Smoothie

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Life is fast-paced in the 21st century. Up early, to bed late, meals on the go and rush, rush, rush! It isn’t uncommon to opt for convenient food options, which by and large, don’t serve us very well. Occasionally they are fine, however, regular consumption can lead to so-called ‘lifestyle diseases’. 

These diseases are prevalent due to our rather sedentary lifestyle and high KJ intake.

Our preferences for foods that tend to be higher in sugar, salt and saturated fat is one of the major contributing factors to the high degree of cancers and cardiovascular diseases in western society. Thus, it is said that eating a good diet can be akin to preventive medicine. Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes, and if you eat well, you are in a much better position to lower your risk of many diseases, especially by enabling your immune system to keep operating at ‘peak performance’. 

There are many reasons why a fully functioning immune system is crucial. People with a compromised immune system tend to be more susceptible to diseases. Our immune system is constantly challenged, and it does a fabulous job of eliminating cancer cells and pathogenic microorganisms for example.  However, in addition to the direct contribution of the immune system in keeping us healthy, our gut flora also contributes in a significant way. The so-called ‘friendly bacteria’ all of us contain support the immune system by release antimicrobial compounds to kill off invading pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, and also adhere to the gut’s internal surface effectively excluding the ‘bad bacteria’ from nutrients and therefore multiplying out of control.

As well as the immune system being the cornerstone to one’s health, the digestive system plays a key role as well. We’ve mentioned the importance of food to prevent illness and the digestive system is a fundamental aspect of that. For example, if you lack specific enzymes or other factors to digest food molecules, you won’t obtain the appropriate nutrition. 

How can we ensure healthy eating and support to boost the performance or our digestive and immune systems? Probiotics, which are the ‘good bacteria’ along with prebiotics, which are the fibre and other compounds which support their growth, are extremely valuable. Furthermore, consumption of fermented foods enable a richness of nutrients to be included in our diet, which can be missing from many convenience foods today, which generally have an abundance of kilojoules, but not a whole lot of nutritional quality. Top this off with collagen for a rich source of protein which provides amazing benefits to the skin, hair, bones and joints, and you’re well on the way to a diet to boost your immune and digestive systems along with giving you more out of life with benefits to your skin and increased mobility/flexibility. Our Nutraviva Plus Probiotic Super Smoothie has been formulated to provide your body with a wide range of nutrients without the kilojoules.

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