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Essential Pet Health Tips for the Holiday Season

Essential Pet Health Tips for the Holiday Season

Essential Pet Health Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a time of festivity for humans but for our loved pets this time can be a time with lots of changes to their environment. We can also become tempted to give our pets foods they may not usually have in their diet.

When it comes to food choices, we need to remember that human foods should not generally be given as a treat to our pets. Many human foods can actually cause serious health complications and may even be fatal to our pets. It is important to keep this in mind, particularly when our pets may give us those gorgeous ‘puppy eyes’ at the table as our pet’s tolerance for rich holiday-style foods is much lower than ours. We may tend to overindulge at Christmas and may feel a bit uncomfortable or queasy in the stomach, and we wouldn’t wish the same for our loved pets. It is also important to keep bins well sealed and drink coolers away from pets as well to avoid issues in these areas.

Try including your pet in the holiday fun by purchasing pet-friendly Christmas food and treats. Or even make your own Christmas-themed pet food and treats using a recipe specially designed to be safe for your pet. Try our Gourmet Collagen, Chicken, and Parsley Goodie Biscuits recipe using our premium pet collagen products.

Most cooked meats in very small quantities can be okay to add to the food of our cats and dogs, but not cooked bones as these may splinter and cause injury, and also may contribute to long term gut health issues. A fresh meaty bone from the butcher is an ideal holiday gift for your dog. It is also best to keep any meat scraps free of gravy and marinades which may contain traces of foods that are harmful to pets.

Nutraviva Pet Collagen support for pet health and wellness

When purchasing pet treats and foods for your pets think of options that are natural and beneficial to their health, rather than overindulge them with treats and foods mixed with fillers and unnecessary or synthetic additives. Nutraviva’s pet collagen range provides options for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds that can be easily added to foods as an all-natural food enhancer.

The RSPCA has further informative advice to help pet owners during Christmas when managing holiday festivities. Check out this fantastic resource here


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