Lets tackle Maskne!

Lets tackle Maskne!


As wearing a face mask has become the norm, so does the struggle with maskne (mask acne) that is caused by heat, bacterial imbalances and friction from the mask.

Whilst it is essential to wear a face mask during the COVID-19 period, here are our tips in preventing and managing maskne:


  • Wash fabric masks after every use with unscented hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Try not to wear the mask too often between washes, have a few that you can rotate and some disposable masks on hand if needed.


  • Minimise reusing masks. This is especially important for mask wearing at the gym as the added sweat and condensation can lead to breakouts. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and moisturise after gym sessions.


  • Apply a topical antibacterial cream or gel to prevent and control breakouts.


  • Apply moisturiser before using the mask. This will support the skin through hydration but also as a gentle barrier for any bacteria.


  • Wash your face after wearing mask for long periods. Maybe have a few facial wipes handy to use as needed.



  • Ensure your mask is fitted well to reduce rubbing. If the mask is too big loop it before it goes behind the ears or make a knot closer to make the loop smaller. Making your own mask can help to get the right fit and there are lots of templates available online.


  • Incorporate a facial skin mask into your routine. Try creating your own refreshing gelatin peel-off mask to revitalise the skin.


  • Looking after your physical and mental health during this challenging time is so important. Try and incorporate daily physical activity and focus on looking after your mental health, maintain connections with your family and friends network and seeking support if needed.



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Written by Hannah Cross, Content Collaborator, Nutraviva


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