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Naturally Boost Your Holiday Immunity


Have you ever reached the holiday period only to be struck down with a cold or illness?

With our lives so busy balancing work and family commitments it can actually be quite a common phenomenon. But why does this occur and how can we reduce the hit to our immune system that pressing the ‘pause button’ on our hectic lives may cause.


In 2002 Ad Vingerhoets, a Dutch psychologist, conducted research on a random sample of 1,800 holiday makers to investigate further the phenomena known as ‘leisure sickness’. It was found to be a relatively common condition warranting further research due to the important role that leisure has in our lives for our physical, emotional, and mental health. Perhaps unsurprisingly the cause of these illnesses was linked to risk factors such as high workload and responsibilities, an inability to relax and to an individual’s personal characteristics.


Time to unwind and relax during the holiday period is so important for our health. So how can we support our immune system to cope with the transition from work to non-work during the holiday period?


Reduce your stress hormones

Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, that can assist us to meet important work deadlines and family commitments can become unbalanced. Reducing the pace of our lives in the lead up to the holiday can support manageable levels in the body. Taking time out of the day for ourselves, even for just a minute or two, can assist in reducing stress hormone regulation. Taking your breaktime cuppa outside in the sunshine, going for a short walk or practising mindfulness are all small but effective ways of reducing stress during the day.


Boost your immune response

There may also be an underlying illness we were not aware of but our immune system has been battling quietly. We may have felt fatigue but have been determined to rest only once we have reached the holidays. Nourishing the body’s immune system by maintaining healthy food consumption, getting enough sleep, and monitoring caffeine and alcohol levels can assist in supporting the body’s immune system.

You can also naturally boost your immunity with nutrient dense and bioavailable supplements including Collagen Hydrolysate and Bone Broth. Bone Broth is a particularly rich source of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins. By fighting off inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, collagen rich bone broth can help us recover more quickly. When we’re sick or stressed our bodies does not produce amino acids as effectively. Researchers believe the amino acids in collagen hydrolysate and bone broths, such as arginine, cysteine, and glutamine, can help reduce inflammation, boost our immunity, and support digestive health.


Maintain healthy habits

When we travel, particularly when using public transport and planes, we can become exposed to more potential sources of infection and germs. We are all more aware of hygiene and social distancing practices nowadays, and when holidaying maintaining healthy habits are important in reducing the risk of infection and illness in the community. 



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Written by Liz Golsby, Digital Marketing Manager, Nutraviva Ba MTeach DipHSc.

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