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The Essential Guide to Bone Broth


Traditionally when you were sick, you would look for a comforting soup. Turns out, there is science to back this up this action.  Researchers believe the amino acids in broths and stocks - like arginine, cysteine, and glutamine - help reduce inflammation and boost our immune response. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a crucial role in numerous bodily functions and maintaining our health. When we are sick or stressed, our bodies do not produce amino acids as effectively, and that is when we need those amino acids the most in order to assist recovery.



What is the difference between soup, stock and bone broth?

Soup is made with meat, vegetables, herbs and a few bones and then simmered for 2 hours to make a soup rich in protein and nutrients. Stock is made from bones with a small amount of meat and simmered longer, for around 6 hours. This longer process allows healthy minerals and some gelatin to accumulate in the stock. Bone broth is made from the bone and connective tissue of animals and is simmered for much longer, for 24 hours or more. This longer simmering period means most of the gelatin, nutrients, amino acids, and minerals filter out of the bones and into the bone broth.


The health benefits of bone broth come from this extremely long simmering time. Bone broth is low in calories and high in protein and minerals, just one cup of bone broth has around 10 grams of protein including nearly 20 different essential and non-essential amino acids. These amino acids help heal and protect our bodies in all sorts of ways, and bone broth has a lot of them. Plus, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and many other essential minerals help cleanse toxins from the body and reduce inflammation. Many of us don’t get enough of these minerals from other foods making bone broth a fantastic source. Combined with the amino acids, these minerals can assist the body’s natural healing processes.



How do you take bone broth?

Bone broth can be consumed as is, or enriched through further cooking by adding herbs, vegetables and spices for extra taste and nutrition. It is recommended to cook broths on a low heat, as this will help draw out the collagen, marrow and amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Importantly, the minerals and amino acids in bone broth are highly bioavailable nutrients, meaning they come in an easy-to-digest form within the broth.


Bone broth may also provide trace amounts of nutrients derived from the bone marrow within bones such as iron, vitamins A and K, fatty acids, selenium, zinc and manganese.


The health benefits of bone broth include:


- Improved gut & digestive health

- Boosted immunity response

- Reduced pain & inflammation

- Strengthening of joints, bone & teeth

- Promotion of weight loss

- Improved hydration

- Better sleep patterns

- Helping to normalise stomach acid



What the difference between bone broth powders and pastes?

The disadvantage of taking bone broth pastes are that they can be very high in salt content.  Broths of this type may have up to 15% salt per serve! There is no evidence to suggest that salt improves the extraction of collagen and gelatin from bones.  


Nutraviva Bone Broth is a premium dehydrated bone broth powder and a healthy alternative. We use a proprietary slow simmering process to extract natural flavour, amino acids, collagen, chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid, magnesium and other minerals from bones of  Australian & New Zealand grass-fed and pasture raised animals.


Nutraviva Bone Broth is put through a low-temperature freeze-drying process to lock in flavours and maintain the rich golden natural colour expected of high-quality bone broth.



Why choose Nutraviva Beef Bone Broth?

The nutrient density of bone broth depends on the type and quantity of the bones and tissues that went into it which is why at Nutraviva we source only the highest quality ingredients.


Nutraviva’s high quality bone broths are nutrient-rich sources of protein, minerals and vitamins, making them the ideal for boosting your immune system.  Our bone broth protein powders contain types I, II and III collagen which assist in the efficacy and bioavailability of amino acids. Nutraviva Bone Broth powders are made from all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavours added so you can be sure you are getting the healthiest and best-tasting broth available.


Our pasture-raised Australian and New Zealand cattle bones beef bones are specially selected to be rich in red and white stem cells. A low temperature cooking process is used to draw out the collagen, marrow and other healing elements including amino acids, vitamins and minerals from the bones. This helps maximize the absorption of flavour, nutrients and goodness into our broths.


Through advanced freeze drying techniques, we have been able to bring all the nutritional goodness of bone broth into our range of conveniently packed, premium bone broth powders increasing the cost effectiveness, versatility, ease of preparation and shelf life of this nutrient dense super-broth.

Try our bone broths in soups, stews and other recipes, and in place of beef stock powders. You will taste the difference! 


At Nutraviva, we’re all about transparency. We’re happy to tell you where our high-quality products come from and what goes into them. Browse our FAQs for more information about our supplements, or get in touch if you have any questions or need more information.


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Written by Liz Golsby, Digital Marketing Manager, Nutraviva Ba MTeach DipHSc.

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