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The benefits of halal collagen

The benefits of halal collagen

The benefits of halal collagen

At Nutraviva, we believe the benefits of collagen are important for everyone - that’s why our Halal Certified Collagen Hydrolysate powder is the perfect source of health and nutrition during Ramadan. 

This powder provides powerful health benefits and is one way to ensure your body is receiving the support it needs to optimise its daily functions and wellbeing. 

What is collagen and why should you use it?

Collagen is a protein found all throughout the human body, in bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Collagen is the substance that forms a scaffold within the body which is necessary for daily strength and ongoing structure. Our natural production of collagen reduces over time, due to age or exposure to external factors such as smoking. This is part of the reason we see the physical impacts of ageing, as the body’s reduced production of it leads to a decline in structural integrity, leading to wrinkles and weakening joint cartilage. For women, especially, there’s a huge reduction in collagen synthesis after menopause.

Given the wide range of functions collagen supports, ensuring you’re receiving nutrients which will stimulate it through a healthy, balanced diet is crucial. Strong levels of collagen production can support longevity, reduce the impact of aging and increase your daily wellbeing. 

Where to find nutrients that support the production of collagen

Healthy levels of collagen production can be supported through your diet choices. Nutrients that have been found to support the formation of collage are in:

  • Egg whites, meat, cheese, soy and cabbage (Proline)
  • Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries (Anthocyanidins)
  • Oranges, strawberries, capsicum, broccoli (Vitamin C)
  • Shellfish, nuts, red meat (Copper)
  • Certain animal-derived foods that include Vitamin A

The simplest way to promote collagen production? Nutraviva’s Halal Certified Collagen Hydrolysate. This simple powder contains smaller pre-digested peptides compared to those found in other proteins, allowing them to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins. This maximises nutrient delivery to cells, ensuring your body’s equipped with the tools it needs to maintain and grow its collagen production.

Gluten-free, Keto and paleo-friendly, this Halal Certified Collagen Hydrolysate prompts skin, hair and nail health; exercise and injury recovery; inflammation and pain reduction; healthy bones and joints and protein supplementation. 

Our Halal Certified Collagen Hydrolysate is the perfect solution for those who may have digestive issues or struggle with diet sensitivities. Traditional whey and plant-based protein powders can cause digestive issues, potentially due to the microbial fermentation that occurs in our guts during digestion. This is particularly prominent for those with dairy sensitivity or intolerance. 

Instead, this collagen protein powder is already hydrolysed, removing gastrointestinal discomfort and easily enabling your body to digest the collagen, making use of its benefits quickly and easily.

Easy to use

Introduce the benefits of increased collagen on a daily basis with this easy to use Halal Certified Collagen Hydrolysate powder. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of dry powder into a smoothie or your preferred cold beverage and mix thoroughly until dissolved. After 30 seconds, enjoy - you can take it up to twice per day.


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