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Steph Batho – Business Entrepreneur, Triathlete & Passionate Health Advocate



“I am a Mum of two young girls and I am passionate about healthy eating and living. I love weekly meal prepping to help us nourish our bodies throughout our busy weekdays. I train for triathlon events, and I love getting up early to exercise in the mornings - it is my ME time and I get to see the most amazing sunrises”.


What are the key health and wellbeing messages you incorporate into your daily training and routine?

“By making the smallest of changes and being consistent with it everyday, new healthy habits form over time, which will improve our overall health and happiness. Through my personal wellness journey over the past few years, I have realised the positive impact that good food and movement can have on our mood and wellbeing”.


How do you take Nutraviva collagen supplements?

“I love adding Nutraviva collagen to my coffee - it completely dissolves, is tasteless and a great source of extra protein throughout my day. Plus, I also make a yummy collagen banana pancake recipe which my kids enjoy too”.


Why do you use/recommend Nutraviva collagen products?

“I love Nutraviva's collagen powders because they are high quality and 100% pure collagen that is sourced from clean natural environments which makes it easy to use daily in beverages and cooking. I also love supporting Australian small business”.


Check out Steph’s delicious Gluten Free Banana pancakes recipe here


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Steph Batho testimonial


Keira Pride – Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Hera Performance



"I am a busy mum of 2, a Firefighter and an Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach. I thrive on getting the most out of every day and pushing my body and mind to the limit.

"I have found that since taking Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate and the Simply Beautiful Marine Collagen Beauty formula that my skin elasticity and hydration has improved immensely. I have found my nails and hair are stronger and less brittle, and my recovery has improved.  I have struggled with adult acne and uneven skin tone in the past, this now seems to be something I have overcome and prevented since consuming collagen regularly.  

"I am very busy and was drawn to the product for its anti-aging properties however have seen benefits far beyond this. I have also seen a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and my ability to recover and cope with stress".


What are the key health messages you give your clients regarding training and nutrition?

"Hera Performance’s ideology regarding training and nutrition, is treating the person as a whole. Health has many attributes, and we look at biofeedback on a weekly basis: sleep, stress, libido as well as measurements and photos of fat loss and lean muscle gain. We prescribe macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats) and recommend whole foods for 80% of our client’s diet; with 20% for occasional/treat foods. We recommend collagen for hair, nails, skin health and anti-aging support. But not only for this, as collagen is the structure of bones tendons and ligaments making it important for exercise recovery and muscle & joint maintenance".  


How do you take Nutraviva collagen powder supplements?

"I have created a Whole Lemon Drink recipe using the Marine Collagen Beauty blend and have it every single morning. Each ingredient has powerful health benefits; I combine a whole lemon – skin and pith as lemons are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants that may help strengthen the immune system, a nob of ginger renowned for its powerful anti- inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects, an egg yolk which contains essential minerals and cholesterol as well as vitamins A, D, E and K along with omega-3 fats; blended with filtered water and a couple of drops of stevia".  


Why do you recommend Nutraviva collagen products to your clients?

"Our female clients, we find, are often low in the macronutrient protein when looking at their diet. If this is the case, we recommend whole food sources plus a protein powder and collagen source. Collagen hydrolysate is flavourless, colourless, and simple to add to coffee, hot chocolate or chai".


Find out more about Nutraviva's premium collagen products here. 

Find out more about what our customers say about our premium collagen products here.


testimonial collagen benefits Hera Performance



Melissa Davey - SkinDeep Dermal



"My Name is Melissa Davey I am a Nationally Accredited Dermal Therapist. I have been running my own Dermal Clinic for 5 years and I am very passionate about the beauty industry".


What are the key skin health messages you give your clients regarding beauty nutrition?

"The skin is the largest organ in the body and as we age our bodies start to produce less collagen due to lifestyle ,UV damage and pollution which causes the skin to become thinner and drier.  Collagen helps create the foundation for elastin and hyaluronic acid which helps with the skin's hydration and elasticity. Good skin health is now also now being linked with the gut, an unhealthy gut can cause skin conditions and inflammation".


How do you take Nutraviva collagen supplements?

"I love all the Nutraviva Collagen Powders and it is hard to know which is my favourite. I use the Simply Beautiful Watermelon in my water bottle the flavour is amazing . Probiotic Super Smoothie or the Collagen Hydrolysate I use in my smoothies I add coconut water, frozen fruit , one scoop or even just in water Nutraviva tastes amazing with no bad after taste . After a couple of weeks, of using Nutraviva I could see the improvement in my skin integrity".


Why do you recommend Nutraviva collagen products to your clients?

"I recommend Nutraviva to my clients to help promote Collagen formation and to help improve healthy gut, skin and immune system function,  working to promote collagen growth working from the inside out.  I also recommend my clients use the Nutraviva Powders in conjunction with my Collagen LED light Bed which helps to accelerate results. Not only do Nutraviva products taste amazing but they are an Australian Company providing high quality of Collagen Powder Products with results that can be seen".


Find out more about Nutraviva's premium collagen products here. 

Find out more about what our customers say about our premium collagen products here.

collagen for beauty nutrition


Charlie McGrath - Believe Bootcamps Bx




An experienced fitness coach and co-founder of the highly successful Believe Bootcamps, Charlie McGrath is a highly respected fitness professional and expert in the areas of strength, HIIT, personal & sports coaching.

Charlie is a Level 1 CrossFit coach and in 2014 was ranked in the top 150 Masters athletes in the world in the 55-59 years age division. This year Charlie is competing in his 8th year at the CrossFit Opens.


What are the key health messages you give your clients when coaching and personal training?

“I always tell my clients to be consistent and learn to move properly before heavy lifting or trying to move too fast. Trust the process and be patient.

This is the same when it comes to nutrition and health supplements. Consistency is key, and again it is important to trust in the process of positive change and be patient”. 


How do you take Nutraviva collagen supplements?

“I mix Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate into my oats in the morning for breakfast and then follow up with Nutraviva Probiotic Super Smoothie in the afternoon to maintain high levels of collagen peptides and maximise my daily nutrition.

I incorporate collagen, protein and a greens superfood supplement into my daily nutrition regime”.


What is your current training routine?

“At the moment I do four strength and HIIT combination sessions a week, plus one dedicated hot & cold sauna and pool session. I also like to keep active on my ‘rest’ days with walks, swimming or mobility work.

Family is hugely important to me so I want to maintain my ability to be involved in things together such as playing basketball together, competing with them and spending active quality time together as much as possible”.


Why do you recommend Nutraviva collagen products?

“To support my health, I always choose and recommend supplements that are of the highest quality, proven and nutrient dense. I have noticed a big difference for reduced joint and muscle soreness, and for my skin and nail health.

As a husband, father, grandfather and a Masters level athlete, collagen has been beneficial for my recovery from exercise and reducing inflammation in my joints. It has also had the added bonus of assisting my skin and nail health, many times in the past my nails would be prone to splitting during heavy lifting, and this does not happen any more.

A couple of years ago I had major hip replacement surgery and I have been gradually getting back to my pre-operation fitness, a dedicated recovery fitness program, a positive mindset and the incorporation of collagen as a supplement has supported me with this recovery.

This is why I use and recommend Nutraviva collagen products”.


Find out more about Nutraviva's premium collagen products here. 

Find out more about what our customers say about our premium collagen products here.

 man in gym standing before gym name testimonial for collagen products