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What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen powder is sourced from fish skin, bringing the health benefits found in this natural ingredient into an easily digestible powder form. Nutraviva is a leading Australian supplier of premium collagen and gelatin products. Our Marine Collagen powder is of the highest quality, sourced exclusively from wild-caught cod.

Marine collagen powder offers a wide range of health benefits and is beloved by many following particular diets and eating methods. Here’s just a few of the reasons marine collagen should be a part of your regular diet.

Marine collagen caters to multiple diets

A number of collagen products are sourced from beef, which can make them unsuitable for those on particular diets. Marine collagen overcomes this barrier, with Nutraviva’s Marine Collagen Powder suitable for those following a halal, paleo, ketogenic or pescatarian diet alike. Naturally organic and GMO-free, our marine collagen can be trusted to deliver only powerful health benefits, not unwelcome preservatives or additives.

High quality wild-caught cod

Nutraviva stocks only the highest quality marine collagen powder, sourced from wild-caught cod located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The cod’s skin contains exceptionally high-quality peptides, which are then used to create the best possible marine collagen.

The result of this careful sourcing is a superior collagen powder product in comparison to powders which are derived from fish which have been farmed, genetically modified, or caught in polluted waters. Due to the lower molecular weight, our marine collagen range is ideal for stimulating collagen metabolism and increasing collagen synthesis, making this source of collagen perfect for those looking to improve their skin and beauty.

Easy daily consumption

While there’s a wide range of foods that can offer impressive health benefits, they’re not always practical for inclusion in a daily diet. Nutraviva’s Marine Collagen Powder is designed for daily use, promoting exercise and injury recovery, inflammation and pain reduction, healthy bones and joints and ongoing protein supplementation. Simply add the marine collagen powder to your preferred drink and consume up to twice a day.

Beloved by the beauty industry

The beauty industry loves marine collagen for its multitude of health benefits. Marine collagen has been found to rehydrate skin, protect against UV light, restore fine lines around the eyes, improve hair health, contribute to more youthful skin and strengthen nails. This one simple powder packs a punch when it comes to its ongoing health benefits, offering both internal and external health outcomes.

Designed for longevity

For many of us, ageing can bring a wide range of challenges. The body slows down its production of collagen as we age, contributing to wrinkles, weakened joints, fragile arteries and more.

By protecting our bodies across the course of time, we can minimise the impacts of ageing as much as possible. Healthy collagen production is a highly beneficial tool in fighting the negative impacts of ageing and preparing your body for changing seasons. 

Implementing a daily regime of marine collagen powder can give your body the support it needs for strength and longevity. There’s no easier way to promote healthy ageing. 


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