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What is the best way to store collagen powder?


When it comes to the maintaining the condition of collagen supplements storage conditions are an important factor. At Nutraviva we provide specific advice on storage conditions on all of our product labelling which will help prolong the quality of your food supplements.


Collagen Hydrolysate Powder

Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate powder contains smaller pre-digested peptides compared to those found in other proteins, allowing them to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximising nutrient delivery to cells. This greater bioavailability makes Nutraviva Collagen Hydrolysate powder ideal when used to support health and nutrition.


Once you have received your collagen powder or collagen formula, we recommend not refrigerating the product this may reduce the incidence of moisture coming into contact with the powder. It is also best to store powder products away from heat and light sources in the kitchen, such as near windows or cooking appliances as heat inside a pack can create moisture which may then result in powder spoilage.

Storage in a pantry or cupboard away from heat and light is often the best place for powder product storage. Always ensure that the pouch or tub is well sealed after every use to maintain powder freshness. If the seal doesn’t zip lock together after continued use, we suggest storing in a tub or zip lock pouch that reduced the impact of moisture access to the powder. Collagen powder can have a pretty much indefinite shelf life when stored dry under ideal storage conditions.


Marine Collagen

When it comes to the powder stability of Marine Collagen and our beauty collagen formula Simply Beautiful the storage messaging is very important. Again, we recommend not refrigerating the product but do recommend that the powder be kept in a cool environment below 20 degrees Celsius away from direct sunlight and humidity. Marine Collagen powder is a virtually odourless and tasteless product; however, the incorrect storage of the powder may result in the powder beginning to have a slight odour and may spoil the powder.


Bone Broth Powder

Bone broth powder can also be quite sensitive to moisture and heat when in storage.  As our product is a dehydrated powder it does not require refrigeration. Keep the tub or pouch sealed when not in use and store in a cool dry place, again a pantry or cupboard away from light and heat sources is an ideal place for storage.


Convenient 'on the go' nutrition

Many people love the convenience of collagen and bone broth powders and take our products to their workplace and when on holidays. It is important to consider how heat and light may impact the quality of your collagen supplements though.

Do not leave your collagen powders in a hot car or on a desk exposed to warm light sources, such as your work desk. We recommend similar storage conditions as above, if the product requires transportation that may expose it to heat consider storing it away from the windows and even place it in an insulated bag. When at work, storage in a pantry or your desk away from light and heat is ideal.

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