HASTA tested performance collagen

Why choose a HASTA certified collagen for performance?

Achieving peak athletic performance requires more than just rigorous training and a disciplined mindset. Behind the scenes, a planned nutrition approach is a key factor for athletic performance.  Collagen is classified as a Class B supplement by the Australian Institute of Sport as it is rich source of pure protein and a natural powerhouse of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline; the essential amino acids vital for collagen synthesis, muscle recovery, and general tissue health.

Plasma levels of glycine decline post exercise due to increased utilisation following strenuous exercise which occurs in training and competition. This suggests an increased need for glycine while collagen synthesis is elevated post exercise. It has been advocated that under circumstances of high demand such as a heavy training loads, dietary collagen supplementation may be of benefit for athlete performance and recovery. As with any supplement, an individual approach should be considered to use.

Nutraviva Performance Collagen is a HASTA™ certified collagen supplement designed to provide athletes with the competitive edge they need with the assurance that their supplement has been independently tested by HASTA that every batch has been tested for over 200 WADA prohibited substances.

No product testing can ever guarantee that a batch is completely free from contamination, however, purchasing a HASTA certified product significantly reduces the risk of supplement contamination. Nutraviva’s HASTA certification for our Performance Collagen can be found on the HASTA.org.au website on this link. It can also be found on the Sports Integrity app.


What also sets Performance Collagen aside from other collagen products for athletes is that our collagen is sourced from grass fed and finished cattle making it a superior source of collagen protein than grain fed supplements. It is also a 100% natural, pure unblended product making it versatile for incorporation into a range of nutrition protocols. As a hydrolysed powder it is highly bioavailable for uptake into the cells to support collagen synthesis in the body.

Supporting Muscles, Tendons, and Tissue Integrity

Collagen, as a structural protein, serves as a building block for the health of muscles, tendons, and tissues. By replenishing lost collagen stores, Nutraviva Performance Collagen can aid in the repair and assist with the regeneration of muscles and tendons, helping athletes maintain optimal performance and recovery. Additionally, collagen promotes tissue integrity by improving the functionality of connective tissues. This enhanced integrity reduces the risk of injuries, such as strains or sprains, allowing athletes to push their limits while minimising the potential risk of injury.

Promoting Joint and Bone Health

Athletes subject their joints and bones to significant stress during intense training sessions. Collagen, a key component of cartilage, provides the necessary structure and cushioning for joints. Supplementation with collagen can assist in preventing and treating injuries or degeneration of muscle, cartilage, connective, and bone tissues. By enhancing the strength and flexibility of joints, collagen enables athletes to withstand the demands of rigorous physical activity and maintain optimal performance. Moreover, collagen supports bone health, contributing to increased bone density and reducing the risk of fractures, a crucial consideration for athletes engaging in high-impact sports or activities. Nutraviva Performance Collagen offers natural support for joint and bone health.

Accelerating Injury Recovery

One of the significant advantages of Nutraviva Performance Collagen is its ability to support injury recovery. Collagen supplementation as part of an individualised nutrition plan may play a role in the rehabilitation protocols of athletes. By providing the essential building blocks required for tissue repair, collagen supports the body's natural healing processes, facilitating faster recovery from muscle, cartilage, connective, and bone tissue injuries. This efficient recovery not only minimises downtime but also enables athletes to regain their peak performance levels quickly.




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