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Explore the benefits of collagen for skin, hair & nail health

Collagen is a type of protein that is a major component of connective tissues. Humans and animals create their own collagen naturally, and it is found in our skin, bones, gut lining, joints, nails, and hair. It brings many benefits to the body, including healthier skin, bone and joints, but with age our body’s ability to produce collagen declines.


There are over 20 types of collagen found in the human body alone. They vary slightly in their structure with the most common forms sold being type I, II and III. Type I and III are predominantly found in the dermal layer of the skin, bone, tendon, muscle and connective tissue. Type II collagen comes from cartilage.


Type I collagen is the most abundant in the skin and, together with elastin, forms fibres that guarantee structure, elasticity and firmness. A diet rich in collagen peptides has shown significant improvements in the appearance of the skin particularly with improvement in skin conditions, contributing to positive effects on appearance, elasticity and hydration. This collagen-rich diet acts as an anti-aging agent aiding in the reduction of wrinkles and facial expression lines and stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, contributing to the synthesis of new collagen fibres.


Nutraviva's premium collagen powders assist to slow down the effects of the ageing process by nourishing the skin, hair and nails building blocks. In particular, marine collagen protein contains significantly higher amounts of the amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline when compared to many other protein powders.  These amino acids are necessary for promoting healthy tissue growth by the cells themselves. Hydrolysed collagen is highly digestible and is characterised by an improved bioavailability for optimal beauty results.


Nutraviva Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is highly regarded in the beauty industry for re-hydrating skin, protecting against UV light, restoring fine lines around the eyes, for beauty, including healthier hair, more youthful skin and stronger nails. It can also help support the reduction of cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks.


Nutraviva Marine Collagen has a very low molecular weight and is optimised to stimulate collagen metabolism and increase the production of collagen synthesis, making it ideal for beauty improvements such as firmer, smoother looking skin with few lines, stronger nail growth and healthier hair.


Nutraviva Simply Beautiful

Nutraviva’s Simply Beautiful range is based on the idea of beauty nutrition, working from the inside out to slow down the visible signs of ageing. It combines premium organic marine peptides, sourced from deep-sea cod skin with a specially formulated range of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants. 


The unique formulation of Simply Beautiful makes it the perfect nutrient dense supplement to reduce and repair common skin conditions and concerns such as acne, pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, ageing, inflammation, cellulite, stretch marks, discolouration. It also supports longer, thicker, shinier and stronger hair as well as stronger and healthier nails.


There are many health benefits to supplementing with collagen, outlined in our collagen facts pages below.