What Your Hair Says About Your Health

What Your Hair Says About Your Health


Your body alerts you when something is wrong. Like a natural switchboard, it will light up with warning signs when you’re not running at 100%. Our hair is one such warning light. It needs plenty of amino acids and proteins to stay shiny, healthy and strong. When we’re not getting these essential minerals, we can see the signs of stress. Here are 4 common hair complaints and what they could mean for your overall health.


Going grey

It’s natural to lose the melanin in your hair as you age and for strands to go grey. The problem is when you’re going grey before your time, or your family’s genetic expectations. If you’re finding more than a few grey hairs each morning, it might be a sign of oxidative stress. This happens when free radicals aren’t eliminated by the body, instead sticking around to wreak havoc. A boost of antioxidants should help reduce the signs. You can get a natural fix through berries, kale, spinach and even a few squares of dark chocolate.


Hair loss

The average person loses up to 100 hairs per day, so hair loss is completely normal. What’s not normal is finding bald patches where the hair doesn’t grow back. If this is the case, you may be deficient in protein. Hair is rich in proteins and if you don’t have enough it can seriously impact its ability to regenerate. Both the Nutraviva Beef Gelatin and Beef Collagen offer a healthy dose of protein in an easy to digest format. Check out our Chocolate Collagen Smoothie Recipe for a protein-packed treat (CLICK HERE)



White flakes on your shoulders is enough to ruin any outfit. But, what does it mean for your health? Dandruff is usually a sign of a dry or sensitive scalp. Changing your hair products, avoiding scalding hot showers and using a hair mask to moisturise your scalp and tresses should do the trick. Also, adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet can help improve the texture of your skin – try eating more oily fish and flaxseeds.


Brittle locks

Running your hands through your hair should feel smooth and soft. If its dry and brittle with lots of breakages, you might be struggling with low iron or zinc. Iron deficiency is especially common in women as they lose this essential mineral each month during their periods. Nutraviva’s Hearty Beef Bone Broth has a good dose of both iron and zinc which may help bring the lustre back into your locks.


Give your body a natural boost with Nutraviva

So many of our health concerns can be improved with natural diet and lifestyle changes. Nutraviva’s range of collagen, gelatin and bone broth products are designed to bring you a dose of the good stuff that you’re missing. We only use 100% grass fed and finished cattle for our beef products, plus they’re free of chemicals and GMOs. For more information on our products or brand,  get in touch using the online form.


Written by Bruno Rossitt, Founding CEO Nutraviva, BEd(PhysEd)

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