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NEW: Beverage Mixer (Hot and Cold)

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Our Nutraviva beverage mixer is the perfect way to mix your favourite Nutraviva collagen, gelatin and bone broth beverages. This drink mixer will help combine and dissolve all different types of collagen powders so that it is free of lumps and ready to consume. It comes with two types of blending attachements. A mixing blender for stirring and combining your favourite Nutraviva beverage and a foaming blender for frothing milk, hot chocolate and coffee.


It will gently mix collagen powders and combine them with your favourite cold juice or liquid to provide you with a perfectly mixed drink

It is ideal for making your hot cup of bone broth as it will gently heat and stir your beverage to the perfect temperature (use the mixing blender).

It is great for blooming and heating gelatin to provide you with a lump free mixture when making healthy gummies or jelly for the family (use the mixing blender).

It is a fool proof method of making gelatin based hot drinks such as hot chocolates or coffee, which come out rich and creamy in texture (use the foam blender).