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Vegan Collagen Alternative – What the Experts Have to Say


Recently we had the pleasure of collaborating with a range of Nutritionists, Naturopaths and Dieticians in a dedicated nutrition campaign for our innovative product, Vegan Collagen Alternative.

Nutraviva Vegan Collagen Alternative is a true vegan alternative to collagen hydrolysate and incorporates specially sourced and blended ingredients including probiotics for gut health, grape seed extract and Vitamin C for collagen formation and skin health, zinc for protein synthesis and maintenance of hair and nails, along with a suite of carefully selected superfoods.


We have selected a range of their reviews plus a link to nearly fifty other reviews that were compiled over the three month period. Four of our collaborating group also created video testimonials for us that can be seen below and our YouTube channel.


Amazing Alternative Vegan Protein Powder. 

I love this product to boost protein intake with vegetarian/vegan clients for their gut health, mental health and hair, skin and nails.”

  • Hannah Williams, Naturopath


“Great collagen supplement for vegans 

I have tried this product in my morning coffee and in smoothies. It has a mild taste and does not alter the taste of my morning coffee. It also contains a fantastic protein composition with all essential amino acids. I think this is a great product.”

  • Katherine Hay, Nutritionist


“A vegan source of protein and collagen. 

This powder is easy to consume and can be added into your post workout smoothie or breakfast smoothie. It contains a wide variety of nutrients needed for collagen synthesis such as zinc and vitamin c and has the added bonus of probiotics to assist with gut health. This is a great protein powder and collagen source for vegans. Non- vegans would also benefit from this too as it's so gentle on the stomach and easy to consume which makes it easy for clients to comply.”

  • Latoya Cruz, Nutritionist


“A Great source of Vegan Protein. 

Containing a large amount of amino acids, this product provides a great source of protein suitable for Vegans. Including probiotics, it also assists with gut health and is packed with nutrients with no fillers.”

  • Lexi Crouch, Nutritionist


“Great protein powder with many benefits to overall health and wellness. 

This is a great protein powder that can be added to any smoothie. This product is great for athletes who need an extra protein boost, those who may be lacking enough protein, and those on special diets where protein intake may be difficult. This product is also great for maintaining general health, in particular, supporting our gut health, hair skin & nails, brain function and collagen formation. The extra benefit of probiotics also enhances our gut health which has a significant effect on our overall health.”

  • Taylor Street, Nutritionist


“Great source of protein and essential nutrients. 

I really enjoyed this product. It doesn't have any flavour so I like to blend mine in a smoothie or add to my morning porridge. It blends really well and mixes in and it's smooth and not clumpy!

It's a great source of protein and I really like that it contains 9 essential amino acids and a number of different nutrients such as iron which are super important on a vegan diet in particular. A very versatile product that contains many natural ingredients which is great to see in a protein powder. I also found it digested well and didn't leave me feeling heavy or bloated. A great vegan protein/ collagen option.”

  • Laura Goodridge, Nutritionist & Dietician


“Great for vegans.

Considering this is a vegan product I was definitely impressed that in contained all essential amino acids which makes this a complete protein. I have added this into my mixed berries smoothie with oat milk and It didn't overpower the taste at all.

I would definitely recommend this to my vegan clients.”

  • Georgia Murchie, Nutritionist


“I really enjoyed the texture and the taste of Nutraviva Vegan Collagen Alternative powder. I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of ingredients like berry powder, chia seeds, pumpkin seed, kale and beetroot powder which provides an extra intake of antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamin c.

I would recommend this product, particularly to my plant based clients."

  • Elle, Nutritionist


“Great vegan protein supplement. 

I tried this product mixed into a smoothie. I love that it was unflavoured, meaning it didn't interfere with the natural taste of my smoothie. It had a slight powdery texture, however this is normal for a product without any nasty fillers.
Great ingredients, and love that it's a source of plant based protein!”

  • Ally Mannix, Nutritionist



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    Compiled by Liz Golsby, Digital Marketing Manager, Nutraviva Ba MTeach DipHSc.

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